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    Control / Cyclic stick plastic grip.

    Thanks everyone for your help but not having much luck. I can buy the grips off Autogyro but they only sell them as a kit for $1500.00 each.
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    Control / Cyclic stick plastic grip.

    I’m looking for a couple of the Autogyro style plastic grips. Autogyro will only sell them as a complete unit with wiring and control stick. All I want is the plastic grips themselves. Any ideas?
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    Rotor balance

    Just wondering if there is a generic cause for side to side stick shake of the cyclic, as opposed to fore and aft stick shake?
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    Any Cavalon owners willing to share their experiences?

    I do a lot of X country flying and try to plan for two flying legs per day of approximately two hours per leg. I’m semi retired and not in a rush to get anywhere, I’d rather enjoy the journey. Greg is right, if you want to get somewhere quickly a gyro is probably not for you.
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    Any Cavalon owners willing to share their experiences?

    There was a Service Bulletin ( see below ) issued by Autogyro to replace the lithium battery for safety reasons. You will need to change the support bracket as the replacement battery is considerably bigger...
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    Any Cavalon owners willing to share their experiences?

    I think the Cavalon is perfect for long distance touring. I have logged nearly 1000 hours in mine with most of that time spent touring around Australia two up with my wife. We circumnavigated Australia two years ago and we’re away for ten weeks. The Cavalon has a good size fuel tank, good...
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    Rotax electric fuel pump

    Thanks Fara, lunch it is👍
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    Rotax electric fuel pump

    There are currently no Rotax electric fuel pumps to suit a 914 available in Australia. Could someone advise if there is a similar problem in the US. If not, would it be possible to buy one through one of your Rotax distributors?
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    Rotax big bore kit

    Hi Wolfy, Your right about the piston skirt, apparently the piston was modified after an engine failure in 2017. Full credit to Edge for acting responsibly. Your also right about Steve P, he does beautiful work fitting aftermarket turbos on 912’s. Cheers. Rick
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    Rotax big bore kit

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Edge Performance 140hp big bore kit for a Rotax 914?
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    Rotax rectifier / regulator.

    Could anyone advise the normal fluctuation range of voltage on a 914 Rotax. My MTO fluctuates between 13.8 volts and 13 volts during flight.
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    If the vibration is only there when you let go of the stick there is a clamp that you can attach to the pitch cable as it curves up between the fuel tanks. I have the same issue and am fitting the clamp this week. If it is vibrating when you are holding the stick, further investigation is required.
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    Not enough power on Cavalon

    If your engine is a 914 it should be getting between 39-40” of manifold pressure at WOT. I would suggest getting your throttle position sensor recalibrated and check the waste gate.
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    New propeller for 914UL MT-03 / MTO Sport ?

    In Australia the Bolly prop is very popular and widely used throughout the country in pretty tough conditions. The after sales service provided by them is also first class.