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  • G'day Rick ...had a good look at the new MTO at the booth at Oshkosh ... I & many I spoke to where underwhelmed ... looked a mess ...compared to the old MTO sport ... they'd tried too hard to play catch-up with the competition & fell short of a nice machine ... we hate the stupid sidebars, the cargo cubby looks a good addition ... not much else looks like it improved a great product ...we think the old model will be much sought after, over this new abortion!
    ... I suppose the proof will be in a flight test ...but ...a variety of gyro owners ...agree ...it's UGLY!
    Gday Ric,
    Have to make a plan change mate.
    Your still more n welcome to drop in on you way to Ross River, and the fuel offer is still on, but iv just found out my sale dates have been changed and we will have agents and drivers here the same time your go,n past, so i wont have the accom i offered.
    Hope i havent fuced you round too much, and again, drop in. ( drop down or ill shoot you down;) ).
    Mate we got I think it's 95 ulp I use it in my 914 anyway with no problems, or avgas what ever you want, the strip is massive so even the less experience will land no problems. No problems if you call in or not just offering as I know the flight from Birdy to Boulia is a long haul I done it about 10 times nd you only need a bit of a head wind nd ya ****ed, however if you went straight to "Glenormiston " you would be able to get avgas if you let Ryan know in advance. It is near straight line from Indiana to Boulia
    Hey rick, Birdy was just saying that you all calling in on the way back from the nats, if you all want another spot to drop in I am about 170 nm Ne/ e ( I can't remember actually I just fly there) the name is " tobermorey " station right on the qld/ nt border, fuel available here if needed also.
    Hi Peter,

    Our airfield is about an hour and a bit north of Sydney. I am available to fly any day except Tuesdays and Thursdays. Looking forward to going flying with you if you get the opportunity to get up my way.

    Regards Rick Elliott
    I'm planning to visit sydney shortly may I ask where you are based and do you fly weekends only ?
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