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    Aviomania CE

    I am already in contact with them. Quick answer. Tks
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    Aviomania CE

    tks for inf. I wrote already to them. Do they answer quickly?
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    Aviomania CE

    Giorgios: available in kit ? Price? Accept a 912? Electric or conventional prerotator ?
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    New Sportcopter in Panama...!

    Tks John. I will try to write more often. Very busy in other issues but flying is my relaxation and mode of transportation too!
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    New Sportcopter in Panama...!

    Hi, Everyone! I have not been often in the forum, but will come now more as I have my new Vortex. I am twice blessed: with a Vortex and with Mike down here! He has been invaluable in putting my machine together. Thank you Mike!
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    ELA 07 Made in China

    I recommend to read the book: the sociopath next door. Available at amazon
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    Roberto Argueta... El Salvador, Central America

    Welcome roberto. I am at panama. Pls write to me for any you may need. [email protected]
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    EZYCOPTER (Charles Lin)

    He still advertises in some aviation magazines
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    Turbo Charging a 912

    Write to Wayne [email protected] in Alberta, Canada. He turbocharged me, through third parties, a 912S for one of his easyfliers airplanes.
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    Helo meets bull: Lose-lose

    Article sent by a american pilot's friend in Panama: Helo meets bull: Lose-lose By David Jack Kenny It’s often said that Alaskan aviation is a different business than flying in the Lower 48. The immense and sparsely populated landscape, seasonal weather extremes, and scarcity of supplies call...
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    Robinson R44 - Ultimate Pilot's Operating Handbook

    Food in Greece is wonderful. I did not stop eating. I will have to do again my weight and balances on aircraft! I am back in Paris until the middle of July. Back in Panama then and to the new helico. I look forward seeing you there and fly together. How is Robert Fiveson? Is he flying his new...
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    Magni M24 Accident in South Africa

    Doors pooping open is often a cause of accidents in general aviation, not because the aircraft looses its flying hability, but because the pilot panics with the sudden noise and wind inside its cozy cabin. Preparing mentally for this, will assist in the pilot executing the right manouver: fly...
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    Robinson R44 - Ultimate Pilot's Operating Handbook

    Sorry, bastian . I am travelling, right now in athens, and do not check the forum often. I bought a low hours 2009 r-44 raven ii with pop out floats. Very useful in my country which is full of water. By the way, i bought five of your books . One for my son, who also flies helicopters. Another...
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    Robinson R44 - Ultimate Pilot's Operating Handbook

    Tks for your efforts, bastian. I will buy one. Very helpful for me. I just bought a robinson 44.
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    Hi larry. What type of cessna you have for sale?

    Hi larry. What type of cessna you have for sale?