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    Don Parham retiring

    I am retiring from the Subaru harness modifications but will still act as a consultant for Subaru engine problems. Mary and I have recently moved into a senior retirement center so our address and phone numbers have changed. I have been in contact with Small Car which does harnesses and they...
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    Subaru 2.2 Cam upgrade power modifications

    If you turbocharge the engine you don't need the cam grind. Yes, the bolt patterns on the EJ20 WRX engine are the same as the the EJ22 and EJ25. My redrive will fit all EJ engines, but I no longer produce the redrive. I retired and sold all of my machining equipment several years ago, but I...
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    Subaru 2.2 Cam upgrade power modifications

    The Delta Camshaft cam grind will increase hp at 5400 rpm to 150 and 158 hp at 5800. If you have questions call or email me. Don Parham RFI Power Systems 918.490.0164 [email protected]
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    Prayer Request

    Mary and I extend our sincere condolences to Jim and the family.
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    Upper hub assembly for RAF redrive

    The main problem with a gear drive on an RAF2000 is that the prop will turn the wrong way and you will have to replace the vertical fin/rudder with something else.
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    Don Parham Suspension

    Leave it on the highest setting. I experimented with the settings and anything less than the highest setting is undesirable. The spring/shock is fully compressed when the ship is sitting on the ground even on the maximum setting.
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    The only weight saving would be with the custom, low profile manifold which will save around 10-15 pounds. The direct drive installation weighs around 30 pounds and the redrive weighs 50 so you would save 40 or 50 pounds with a direct drive over a redrive equipped engine. These are pretty...
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hello, My name is Don Parham. I live near McAlester. I have over 20 years experience building Subaru conversion systems and gyro kits. My phone number is (918) 823-4610. Email: [email protected] I'm retired now. Call anytime up to 10 PM.
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    All About Subaru 2.5 & 2.2

    When I was building gyro kits I used welding cable. It is finely stranded copper and will handle 200 amps with no problem. You can get it at any welding supply store.
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    All About Subaru 2.5 & 2.2

    Chris, That is correct because the Main Buss wire (red/black) is switched by the ignition relay in the ECU harness.
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    looking for contact Don Parham in OK

    Sorry, but I don't have any idea.
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    All About Subaru 2.5 & 2.2

    Hi guys, Sorry for chiming in so late but i have had a lot of medical problems and hospital stays. The black/red wire Chris mentioned goes to the ignition relay in the harness which has two separate sets of contacts that will handle 20 amps each. So, you simply run the red/black wire through a...
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    looking for contact Don Parham in OK

    Sorry, but I retired 3 years ago and no longer manufacture any components.
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    EJ22 - harmonic balancer (pulley)

    Yes, the stock cast iron accessory pulley weighs around 5.5 lbs. I was talking about an aluminum flywheel on the other end which weighs around 8 lbs. which is enough to handle the torsional resonance of the engine. The stock cast iron Subaru flywheel weighs 35 lbs. which is needed to help...
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    EJ22 - harmonic balancer (pulley)

    The accessory drive pulley is not a harmonic balancer. It is a dampener for the crank when the air conditioning compressor is engaged. This info came directly from a Subaru engineer. The engine is internally ballanced and a 7 to 8 pound aluminum flywheel is adequate to dampen torsional...