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  • Hi Dan we have not had a chance yet to do the hang. We have moved the gyro out of the garage and after B days and the inspection moved it to Zephyrhills where we have found a hanger about an hour away.

    I made some cheek plate blanks and was going to do the hang but Stu had to do an interview and been away. Was advised the metal was too thin so ordering more. If we can't get it done in good time will copy plates and send yours back. Sorry for the delay
    Hello Leigh,
    R u going to make Benson Days? Hope so, would love to meet you in person. I am going to go. It will be my first time. Hope things are well with you and your family. Take care! Best Wishes Darren - Hornet Flyer Wannabe! LOL
    Hi,Why the waterline of the tail gearbox in bell 206 is higher than waterline of freewheeling output shaft?(about 10 inch)
    thanks a lot
    I have the master plates for your rotor head now and will be sending them down with your wheel parts to Stu and a good pic that shows how to use the plates.

    I have to go order some vivets and then I will be finishing my build real fast. I will let you know when I start posting pics to the web. It will no longer be exactly Dons design as it was becomming in practical for simplicity of build so it will be modified slightly. I am also following your wieghts close I am using the 447 but all the other wieghts will be real close to mine.

    Hey I have been searching parts and numbers but found there are two many variables to insure this is going to fit just right without the plane sitting in front of me. The original plans are for a smaller aircraft with a 447. Do not want to waist your time and money on something that may not fit just right. Tom Milton not very forth comming with info either.

    Dan. I will still cut your new tail wheel block this weekend and get it out in the mail to Stu also solved the stopper problem.
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