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    Does anyone know the continuation of the development of the PHENIX gyrocopter. The French importer only informed me that PHENIX is still active in Spain by Carlos.
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    Aero 2018

    The designer of the autogire DRAGON is the one who built the BULLDOG autogire. He installs the same electric prerotator for his DRAGON. the maximum rotational speed of the rotor is 300 rpm
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    In February the sun shines at the aeroclub Bellegarde near GENEVA I carried my gyroplane to continue the tests!
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    New chinese engine

    another one engine chinese {"alt":"Image","data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/pics\/256067002.jpg"}...
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    Hello Mike I would be in Blois on weekends, the ASTRAL autogyro is at the very beginning of the tests. Maybe I'll meet you René
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    New gyroplane jump takeoff

    Is there anybody have video and technicals specifications off the new gyro Dick Degras ?
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    Hello Carlos I am building a tractor autogyre using a Flightdesign CT2K fuselage See website...

    Hello Carlos I am building a tractor autogyre using a Flightdesign CT2K fuselage See website Flight testing will begin...
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    Jean-Claude Les ressorts equilibrent juste le poids du moteur auxilliaire sans le rotor, avec le poids du rotor la tête rotor bascule légèrement en arrière, il y a un vérin pneumatique pour ajuster le trim en tangage The springs just balance the weight of the auxiliary motor without the rotor...
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    Overhead Cyclic Sticks

    my new overhead stick on the tractor gyrocopter to simplify the design.
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    My first idea was to install a prerotator with pump and hydraulic motor. testing was not a success, now for the same weight I installed a prerotator with an engine RAKET 120 (9 Kg). Another idea would be to install a brushless electric motor connected to a brushless alternator, it is coupled to...
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    instruments panel All instruments come from the CALIDUS
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    I installed a rotor 8.70 meter built by myself. I used the extruded profile AVERSO blades. I stuck with Araldite balancing bars, spacers and drilled, screwed the whole and balanced rotor I clench conical screws to always get the same alignment of the blades
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    Sanding the fuselage structure with the help of the modified truck for rotation
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    Hello everybody from FRANCE

    during takeoff approx. 10 meter high the mast broke just at the top of the fuselage near the welds. It was the second take-off with the new metal chassis, the first flight lasted 30 minutes. Following the previous owner who had a bad takeoff and damaged the autogyro, I bought the wreck and...
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    Astral tractor gyroplane

    My new design of tractor gyro with fuselage of CT2k FLIGHT DESIGN