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  • The have a internal mesh that is adjustable, allows for sizes between medium to large in my opinion. I have no idea my head size to be honest
    I have never had a passenger that ever had issues . My head is really in between large and medium , I find this fits just fine when adjusted . My son has a large melon, it fits his head ok too. I think because the ear pieces do not have a rigid cup it allows a little wiggle room, the adjustable mesh
    allows for a slight variation in head size. Tried it on tonight, pictures attached.
    Just got your message,

    This gyro was built by Rodney Young, he built crop dusters for 53 years.. I have 10 hrs or so on the machine..
    It has 29' McCutchin SkyWheels rotors. A Mazda Rotary 12A engine, 220 hp.2.1 Ross drive ,, 3 blade ground adjustable Ivo Prop.. Front to back tandem seats..with canopy but needs replacement due to sun cracking..
    Custom built trailer,, headsets income, radio. And ELT installed as well..
    I can send you detailed pics if you send your email address..
    Air worthiness and registration
    25k ........

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