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  • Hello rdalcanto,

    I noticed you were looking to fly a gyro with the 915is.
    We have not officially announced our training and production slots available however, as a heads up, we will start training on a 915is gyro in NY in late May.

    I have flown the 915is already in a tandem gyroplane and the extra power is most enjoyable as well as manageable.

    Call me if you'd like.

    - Rob
    That is good to hear! With my Private rating, I plan on having a constant speed prop for a nice boost in cruise speed in addition to take off climb performance.


    Sorry for the delay just saw your post. I sold my Xenon and do not currently have a Gyro. I do fly a Carbon Cub several times per week. I will most likely get back into gyros this year or next. I've owned 2 RAF-2000's and a Xenon along with numerous fixed wing aircraft. The Xenon was my favorite aircraft of all. If there was a solid US support network for Tercel I would probably buy one. I classify the Xenon/Tercel as basically the same Gyro. I have also flown a Cavalon. Actually traveled to Maryland to test fly/buy one but didn't. I have absolutely nothing against a Cavalon but didn't feel quite as sporty as I wanted. Seemed a little like flying a 172. With that said I think it is the best side x side option out there and have not ruled it out. There are so many good options available now. I like Silverlight and the company. I think Chris Lord with Pictaio Aerospace is one of the most knowledgeable/honorable men in this industry. He carries the ELA Eclipse 10 which I think is an awesome aircraft. Then of course the Calidus is rock solid with a long proven history with a gazillion hours of fleet time. If I preferred a tandem to side x side the choice would be much easier.

    I you have any more questions or comments please feel free to contact me outside the forum at [email protected]

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