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    Road Trip - A Kind of Flying Adventure - Look What Followed Me Home...

    I ended up buying an AeroProp. Great price - much cheaper than a new HTC or IVO. The fuel system was not to my liking (false air), so I tried to change it, but the tank outlets for the connector tube were too close to the filters - I tried a solution that didn't work. And as soon as I have...
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    Torque values to attach blades to hub - MTO Sport (2010 model)

    Hi Ben. You wrote: "I find this so interesting. You post a picture of a crash and there are 20,000 experts giving their expert opinion. I post a simple torque question on something that people do practically...
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    My new MTO

    Hi Ben. I'll learn in my own used MTO Sport. Best of all worlds, I guess. I'll need no get-to-know flights when I get my license. Cheers Erik
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Dave, sorry about that - the original poster is probably long gone and doing something else...
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    Funke ATR 500 Radio With Intercom - Make Me An Offer.

    I am asking $200... That can't be too much. I don't know about the postage, though. Cheers Erik
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    Flycom Helmet With Funke ATR833S Radio

    Hi John - I haven't the foggiest idea of, what you're writing... I have bought both radio and helmet with GA mike (£60 extra). Cheers Erik
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Good for you, Dave. But it was in response to the original poster...;) And he may be after something entirely different. Cheers Erik
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Hi. It looks like it's available in Denmark: Also the first book, Phil Harwood wrote: I can help you buy the book here, if you'd like. Or you can buy my book (hardly used yet)...
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    Here is the one we use in Denmark - there is even a newer edition than this: Cheers Erik
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    Funke ATR 500 Radio With Intercom - Make Me An Offer.

    Hi everyone. I have now bought the successor to this radio, the ATR833. So this will be surplus to requirements, as soon as I get them swapped. Anyone interested? Cheers Erik
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    HELP!! MT-03 Fuel Feed Pictures

    I had a friend bend a 17 mm stainless tube for me and I'll weld some smaller tubing for the fuel filters onto it. It could be 10 mm for fitting the hoses directly or threaded 12 mm tube for the plastic fittings - hmm. Cheers Erik
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    Flycom Helmet With Funke ATR833S Radio

    Hi and thanks to both of you. You have given the best info. I bought the ATR833s and the Flycom (GA mike and plugs). Partly because it will be an easy switch with the 500->833 adapter. No fitting of new leads. Also because all the compact radios in the lower price bracket seemed the same...
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    Where can I get those JPX engines for the Cri Cri (Cricket)???!!!!

    I believe I once read you have to have a license from the creator to build one - it's copyrighted. And that's not easy to get. Cheers Erik
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    Flycom Helmet With Funke ATR833S Radio

    Hi. I have just paid (all or most of) a new Flycom helmet to use in my MTO Sport. That currently has a Filser/Funke ATR500 25 kHz transceiver. But, since I want to fly through Sweden, I need to swap it for a 8.33 unit (anyone want to buy an ATR500?). I am about to choose a Funke 833S. Then...
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    AutoGyro owners come up with the coolest.....

    Well, this is certainly not common. Not a carpark but the waiting area where cars line up for the ferry. In Hirtshals (northern Jylland), I guess. But well done! It does take some bravery to land in such a confined space, coming in just over the fence and between the lamp posts. And it must've...