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    Finally Soloed My Sportcopter Vortex, Awesome Machine!

    I understand your excitement. I put 220 hours in a Vortex 582. Great great machine.
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    President trump

    Wow, I have but one thing to say. MAGA!!!!!!
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    The Care & Feeding of a 2-Stroke Engine

    Give Rotax Rick a call. He has a web site and Has been helpful for me. He deals with a lot of 670's. Very willing to talk on the phone.
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    Key West Airspeed impeller

    I'm looking for the impeller sender for a Key West airspeed indicator. It has a 4 blade impeller that drives it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    QC Challenger II in the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome aboard Eric. I've owned two Challengers. Now a Titan Tornado plus a few in between. You will enjoy it.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Yes, vey rare. Miller Lite
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Plus a case of beer.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Gyro has sold.
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    New to Bensen gyro

    I just want to tell you, Thanks for you're Service,!!! I am extremely proud of people like you. Fly safe.
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    Rotax Rick's 670 engine

    10-4. Trump JR 2024
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    Rotor Brake linkage

    Looks good.
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    Rotor Brake linkage

    If you zoom in on the picture you will notice I clamped a stiff hose around the bumper to extend it a little and sort of cushion it.
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    Rotor Brake linkage

    The Air Command I had did not have linkage. You pushed the stick forward until a bumper contacted the mast just under the brake. This would pivot the brake assembly and apply it. You might be able to zoom in on the picture.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Not at all. I enjoy it all. No worries.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    Well I have had really good luck with my 582 rebuild from Rotax Rick in my then Air Command. No issues at all. I haven't had any experience with the 670. But I do know that with any 2 cycle, jetting for proper exhaust temp is extremely important. I wouldn't run one without two EGT's. Proper...