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    Yamaha WEIGHTS - MAC YG2!! 80HP Phazer 4-strk, 2-cyl, EFI, 88/123 lbs, liq-cool

    Do you have any updates on the 2 cyl 80 hp units? I think that would be a great match-up for a Dom single build.
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    Any Gyro activity in TX Panhandle?

    I am located in the SE Panhandle of TX, outside Childress. So far I have been unable to locate any other Gyro flyers in the region. Amarillo, Lubbock, Abilene, Wichita Falls and Altus, OK are all in the 100-120 miles range from my little slice of heaven. Hoping to find some kindred spirits near...
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    Hoping for new Gyro

    I have been watching and keeping my fingers crossed.......... Are there any updates on the progress of the T6? I am working my way through my private pilot license and very much want a full sized gyro instead of the LS limits. Thanks, Ransom (newbie)