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    Magni M24 Wanted

    Lone Star Magni Gyro owner Dayton Dabbs is a fantastic resource for info about all things Magni. Give him a call.
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    Gyroperfo 914 upgrade

    He restated your post #8 in Italian.
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    Social Media?

    Bobby, I fly my AutoGyro Calidus close by you in Boerne, and there are many gyros near Austin in Taylor TX where the Magni guys (Lone Star Magni Gyro) train and fly. Let me know if I can be of any help. Ray
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    New to Gyros DFW Tx area

    Consider gyro CFI Craig McPherson at Blue Skies PPC in Blum TX. Very knowledgeable...and close.
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    an other build thread " the HUM floppy clothes dryer that wanted to become a gyroplane"

    Please continue to document your build progress. The photos help tell the story. Thank you. Ray
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    Factory built?

    The builder assists are basically a two week trip to their location. It looks like there are at least a couple of almost new options available that would save the build time/trip and the savings may pay for the shipping to your island. Call AutoGyro and ask them about the FAA questions as they...
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    Factory built?

    You can do builder assist with AutoGyro in Maryland, Magni (in Italia), orSilverlight in Florida.
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    Which gyrocopter?

    As you are in Detroit, you may want to contact the people in your local PRA chapter 63. I fly to South Lyon a couple of times a year and have seen gyros around the area many times. I bought a used AutoGyro Calidus and got good training from fantastic instructors. Training is key. Enjoy.
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    Calidus fiberglass fuel tank

    The tanks have been replaced with new ones from AutoGyro and the oil system tested to be sure air was not allowed in the lines/pump. I added some 100LL and it started up after adding some throttle on the third attempt. Thanks for the advice, I always learn more about gyros when I consult you...
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    Calidus fiberglass fuel tank

    AutoGyro USA discovered that they had Calidus tanks on hand and have sent them. Replacing the right tank involves removing the oil tank and plugging the oil lines to prevent the need to “purge” the oil pump of air. I’ll close out this thread once I have it flying again. Ray
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    Calidus fiberglass fuel tank

    My repair guy fixed the fiberglass tank and applied sealer in the short term. I’ll replace the three year old battery while the tank is out and I have access. When the new tanks arrive from Germany I’ll install them. Lesson learned.
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    Calidus fiberglass fuel tank

    I’ve had my 2013 912 ULS Calidus for a couple of years. It had 100 hours when I bought it, and I’ve put on over 220 more in the two plus years I’ve had it. During my time I’ve mainly used 93 octane gas with 10% ethanol and fuel stabilization. This week I discovered the fuel tank is leaking and...
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    Newbie in central Texas

    Jack, Welcome to gyro flying. I’m southwest of you in Boerne and got my start in gyros at T74 with Dayton and Scott. I now own a gyro and have a couple hundred hours in it. If you can go to Anahuac in October, it may give you a good view of your options. Let me know if you fly my way (based at...
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    Begginer questions

    I can only add, that specific gyro instruction is a very important safety step. You can get instruction in Costa Rica according to the AutoGyro America. Contact them at [email protected] Be safe. Ray