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  • Hi racer
    My name is Jim Sharer. I built a Gyro around the 500 cc twin phaser motor.
    I am looking for the name and number of the other gentleman who was working with the 500 mL motor as well. Can you help with that thanks Jim
    Hi Todd - my name is Mark and I saw Tim Mercer's Yamaha install at the pra meeting. I was wondering if you are still making the parts for conversion - and if there was a difference in using the newer fuel injected 130 hp ? I was about to buy a vector but thought I should get input from those on the wiser side of this. - I plan on making a dominator.
    Todd, tried to send you a PM, but the system says you're at your limit. Can you clear some out? Paul...
    Good day Bro, You certainly are a busy dude, awesome work I must say!! Remember me I am Curts partner here at LMO. Yeah still trying to prove my flying abilitys. If and when you get a chance I would like to see if you could help me out with a HAC canaster with some input on how to modify my bing 54 Trying to temper my MX THX keep up the great work. Phil 303 931 7662 or post a message.
    G'Day Todd,

    Have been watching your progress for some time now.

    Could you give me a price on an engine please.

    Would like to discuss further the possiblity of importing to Aus from you.

    [email protected]



    I have been eyeballing that 80hp yamaha. I have an AC elite CLT similar to yours.
    Can you tell me about what the cost for changing the engine mounts would be.
    I am thinking of selling my 582 (until 100 hrs). I have 25ft blades and with current config need only about 23. I figure the weight might work out better, plus more power.

    Hello, Arthur from Norway here...

    I have bought a Butterfly Monarch with the 582 Rotax. Do you think its possible to fit a Yamaha like yours in that machine?
    Larry Neil said that about 5000 densety altitude was all I could expect from it as is, and the mountains I will fly in is pretty much 4-6000 her in Norway. Limits my flying window.

    Is this something you could help me with in the future, possably next year? I bought the gyro in MI and shippes it to me via SLC Utah. I have some Ski-doos sleds that are shipping to me and some friens, and I have spare place for the gyro.

    Larry uses the Rotax 912 ULS in the Morarch, about the same output as your setup, but 4X the cash...

    Thannks in advance.

    Arthur Oysaed
    Hi Todd: Did you receive my email about my wanting to use the original Yamaha muffler on my Genesis?

    Any photos of Neil's gearboxes yet?
    Hi Todd: I searched all around the no Ca, Or, and Wa Craig's Lists and found a Yam Phazer right here in the greater Portland area (Mollala, about 30 mi so.) that seemed to be a good price range for it's age and having the 4 stroke 500cc eng. The other Phazers had less mileage and were a lot more in price.

    2007 yamaha phazer - $3500
    Low miles 4 stroke long track deep power machine 2 inch lugs electric strart w/ reverse. call 503 349 0850

    Iam in Molalla Oregon the sled has 2000 plus miles no damage its 500cc veryl liteneeds windshield which I have ordered pretty firm on price.

    Is this in the price range you are looking for? I'm not interested, nor have any available funds having sunk all I had available into the Genesis and the Autoflight gb, but you mentioned in the RF the other day that you are looking for a good deal on the 500cc 4 stroke Yam.

    Maybe if he canceled the order for a windshield he would drop the price accordingly?
    Hi Todd
    This is Dennis I have talk to you in the past back when we first started to play with the yamaha's I do have a 130 hp on my trike running a belt drive that I made now I am looking to put a clutch on it .I am looking to put a c box with a clutch.. Do you still sell the clutch taper adapter for the clutch that mounts to the 120 ?

    Thank you for your time Dennis
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