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  • Hi Jim Ferrell here, I am looking for a new engine for my Sport copter ,can you lead me to more info on the Geiger motor you refer to in previous post ? Do you know of any US dealers ?
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    Jim! Good to hear from you. I've been flying a Vortex out here recently.

    The Geiger Motor doesn't look like it's ready for prime time. From what I can tell, the company announced the start of its first production run back in April, but I haven't heard about any of them flying yet aside from the test airplane. But I agree - the single-rotor would be about perfect to replace the 582.

    It will be pretty scary to be the first US buyer with no US dealer. I'm not sure how the transaction would even work, or whether the new tarriffs would jack the price up another 25%. My Vortex could use a fresh engine, too, but if I had to buy one today it would be a new 582.

    I hope to be at the US Sport Aviation Expo in January, and that's been a pretty good show for new engines in the past. I'll keep my eyes open. You might also consider the 2.6-liter D-motor, although it will be more expensive. - Paul
    Glad you are flying these days ! I would enjoy seeing some pics of your machine . if you get time send some [email protected] 0r 7248770148
    Hi Paul,

    I would like a bit of your sound advice.

    I have been trying to sell my Xenon for awhile but my challenge is that most of the calls I get are from people in the midwest or Florida where there is more gyro action than here in Colorado. So far no one has been interested enough to want to drive a few thousand miles to see it.

    Since Mark passed away we have no Colorado chapter either so not a lot happening (though my old flying club in Denver just got a gyro and is giving instruction so that should help over time).

    Do you think ROTR would be a likely venue for a buyer? Does it attract people interested in the sport as Mentone and Benson days do.... or is it mostly guys already in the sport with aircraft just getting together to fly?

    I've been in Utah for the last 7 weeks and just got back to Colorado today and now I am thinking of turning around and heading back your way.

    I prefer to fly to fly-ins as I've always done but the flight from here to Nephi is a challenging one. A bunch of mtn flying some of it over 11,000' crossing the Continental Divide and lots of tiger country so I am weighing that.

    I sure would appreciate any advice you could offer.


    Rob Dubin
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    Hi Rob,

    Naturally, we'd love to have you join us. But honestly, ROTR is not known as a fertile sales ground. However, we did have a pricey 912-powered Butterfly that sold at the event last year, so who knows!

    If you do come, make sure to post here that you'll be attending and have the machine for sale. Also, check with the folks at Airgyro Aviation, where Mike Burton used to instruct till recently. They're planning to be a dealer for Trendak, but have been unable to get product yet from what I hear. It's a long shot, but perhaps they need something similar for display/demo?


    If you decide to come, let me know when you think you'll arrive, so we can make sure someone's available to help get you unloaded and into the hangar. We hope to see you this year!

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    Hi Paul, first of all, how are you? I am trying to find out some current info on the Honeybee G2. Do you know what the status is with Jim Fields and the co.? I would like to find out the results of the fatal crash of the G2 in Pinconning, Mi. I honestly don't think it was equipment failure. Any help would be awesome. Thanks Terry Lee 541 761-1616 I live in So. Oregon and friends with Shawn (Rotor-head)
    Hello thank you for email it was very helpful I know now I need to spend more time looking into this. I live in Colombia most of the year there so I am looking to get into something I know I will in joy like take tour rides on the coast of Colombia my wife is Colombian an I have a house there so I would like to do that in the states I am a plumbing an heating an I want to try something new so keep in touch an thank ou for your information
    Hi Paul This is Jim Ferrell from Pa. I need to have you send an affidavit to the Faa to help me get the registration to list myself as the builder. It should read like this : the affadavit filed on 7-27-2005 by Paul warren Plack & recorded on 8-8-2005 as conveyance #A061933 showing Paul Warren Plack as the manufacturer of Sport Copter Vortex with the serial #001 and n# 954p was shown in error. I Paul Warren Plack built _____ % (this number has to be less than 50) of this sport copter. the builder/manufacturer should be shown as James Ferrell. There has been no airworthiness certificate issued or applied for. Then you must sign it and have it notarized.

    Please send the original to me & I will send it in with more paperwork I have to do. If you will send it overnight I will cover the cost and pay for your notory fee. please feel free to call me at 724-877-0148 or contact me at [email protected]
    Thanks, Jim
    No Paul, thanks for setting a fine example for us. I've learned that flying is a small part of this sport. It is really about the challenge and sacrifice/dedication that result in a sense of accomplishment. At every turn, I see how you have demonstrated these attrtibutes and it really has been an inspiration. I can only hope, that someday, I will be able to take it to the same level. Thank you.
    Hello Paul,

    I listened to the interview and to my horror I made a mistake; it was 300 feet between touch downs in the crash not 500 feet. Is there a way to fix that? I don't want to exaggerate.

    I thought you were going to edit it so I sounded more articulate. I can hear the search for words.

    I like it and the introduction is great.

    Thank you, Vance
    Your picture looks better than mine. I look like a 12 year old playing dress up. I laugh every time I see it. Even my kids think it is funny. I guess the pay off is that I still look younger than most of my class mates. I was a bit of a nerd in HS. Computers, electronics, calc, radio communications and the like. I got ok grades nothing special but graduated magnum cum-laude from college. That all payed off for me. Guess it is better to bloom late.
    Hey Paul, I am coming through Salt Lake in Oct. and would like to know when is the chap. meeting there and where is it held.

    Jon Gardner
    Hi Paul: We're getting down to the final week to put the Chapter 73 20 year history together and really want to include you, since you were one of the presidents, as well as a owner of a gyro. Do you have time to throw some comments together?
    I've received about 25 pages (with photos of the individuals) so far, as little as one paragraph from Clint Martindale to as much as almost three pages from Chad Wille.
    What ever you can do...

    We'll be posting this on pra73.net to see ini living color.
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