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    Paypal payment broken?

    You should be able to use PayPal now. The website had been hacked again. Phone lines are also now working.
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    Excited for Mentone!

    First camper arrived yesterday afternoon and we are hard at work! See everyone in just a few days
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    Paypal payment broken?

    PayPal does seem to be down. If you can pay with a credit card, please do so. You may also call the office and give a MasterCard or Visa number. I will not be able to process it till Tuesday or Wednesday as our phone line is also down due to the storm that rolled through over the weekend...
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    Who is coming to Mentone 2015?

    Radio frequency 122.9 The trophies are beautiful!!!
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    Who is coming to Mentone 2015?

    If anyone has a projector for the forums and doesn't mind bringing it, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, due to the large amounts of rain we have had in the past three weeks, the mosquito population has exploded. You might want to bring mosquito spray with you. See everyone in 24 days!
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    PRA's Airport is cracking up and need your advice.

    The cracks and edge of runway have been sprayed for weeds.
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    Grand Champion Rotorcraft at Mentone

    Chris, I PM you the missing information. Jane
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    Mentone 2015

    I would like to answer a couple questions. Amish--They asked us not to invite them this year. They backed out at the last minute last year and stated that they didn't make enough to come back. They also had events for their school and too was having difficulties finding enough help to come...
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    Traveling to Mentone

    For those that are traveling to Mentone, LOTS of construction is going on right now. You can expect delays or detours. I know US 30 and US 31 both are constructing new routes. Drive Safe! Jane
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    We've been hacked!

    I will have a pre-registration form started for you. You can pay when you arrive. If anyone else is having problems, email or call the office and I can take your pre-registration. Jane
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    Teen and father die in plane crash

    Local news is saying they were flying low and the son was the pilot. Father is still missing.
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    Projector for convention forums

    THANKS! I'll see you when you get here.
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    Projector for convention forums

    If anyone has a projector that we could use for our forums, that would be great! This is one major detail that was almost overlooked. Thanks, Jane
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    We've been hacked!

    You can call the office and I can take a Visa or MasterCard number over the phone. I will be in and out of the office rest of this week as well as Monday and Tuesday next week. Leave a message with the answering service that you want to renew or join and I'll get back to you. You can also...
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    PRA Mentone Airport Needs Your Help!

    Your PRA Board of Directors is wanting to generate more funds from PRA’s own airport. In order to generate these funds, the airport needs some upgrades. Several camping groups have expressed an interest in using the airport camping facilities but the issue is there isn’t enough amp service to...