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    Happy Birthday Carlos Figuero!

    Many thanks Vance.
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    The nose wheel fin is part of a high angle of attack/low speed testing program. We like to investigate and learn from different setups. Yes, we did try the fairing but the results were not satisfactory. Regards, Carlos
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    New tandem tractor design and build

    As you can see, in the Phenix we have a big horizontal stabiliser with 2 fin/rudders on it´s extremes. We spent a lot of time investigating aerodynamic solutions and finally went for a symmetrical HS and no offset on the rotorhead. We have never encountered any torque related issue either in...
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    cross wind landing in a tractor gyro?

    A tractor gyro doesn´t necessarily have to be a tail dragger, you can´t ground loop a tricycle geared one.
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    Phenix fun

    Hi Friends, Here´s a short video so you can see we´re still alive and pushing with the project. The video is just some normal stuff, the quality is a bit shaky and the sound isn´t that good but we just wanted to share it with you. Although we´ve been quiet for some time (last post was in...
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    Spain's Train Crash

    Many thanks to all for your kind thoughts, we are deeply sad here in Spain for this tragic accident. There´s over 80 victims already and counting. As usual there are many opinions on what has really gone wrong but it is unbelievable that something like this can happen in the 21st century. I...
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    Hello from Barcelona

    Hello Carles, Welcome to the wonderful world of gyroplanes. Once you are bitten by the gyro bug, it´s poison will never let you go! We produce the Phenix gyro in Alicante, you are welcome to visit us anytime. Bienvenido al foro y al maravilloso mundo del autogiro. Una vez que te muerda el...
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    New ELA

    I agree with Alex, we had some experience with these engines in the past on our previous gyro designs (around 2002) and apart from the fantastic quality and integrity of the BMW´s, they weren´t able to handle two persons on board, they overheated very quickly. They run at 7500 rpm which is an...
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    Interested in a Rotax alternative?

    To Paul: Yes, it sounds good about the RST engine but are these powerplants available for the general public or exclusive for Trendak´s use? Also, I have concerns about the original Rotax warranty on the non factory mods. Does the supplier cover them? To Kai: Thanks for the info. At least...
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    Interested in a Rotax alternative?

    Hi Chris, I´ve been following the development of the MW engine. Obviously they haven´t invented anything but it features many aspects that are extremely interesting in comparison to Rotax options (weight, high c.c., low rpm, water cooling, fuek injection,etc.). They also offer a wide range of...
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    Phenix Update??

    Hi Thinus, Thank you very much for your interest. Although we may seem quiet, the truth is that we are working hard on the project. I apologise for not updating our webpage but we are concentrated on taking the right decisions and steps to advance properly, which keep us from attending some of...
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    Video Presentation from Phenix Gyro USA 09-29-2012

    Hi Rahul, When we were developing our original design, we were very concerned about the center of gravity position. Having an engine in front away from it, produced a strong arm moment. As you may know, the position of the rotorhead determines the correct CG alignment related to the hanging...
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    Hi Brian, I´ve just seen that today is your birthday so many, many congratulations from your...

    Hi Brian, I´ve just seen that today is your birthday so many, many congratulations from your spanish friend. Long time we don´t talk, maybe it´s time! I hope you have a nice day. best regards, carlos
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    Gyro-brs-airbag concept

    Hi Victor, The Phenix is a tractor gyro project which began development in the year 2006. As you can see by the pictures we already specifically designed the aircraft to be fitted with a BRS type parachute. In case of a real serious emergency, the parachute will be jettisoned with it´s kevlar...