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  • Hey Norm,

    Your private message box is too full to accept any new messages.

    Sorry I missed your first call. The land line is now working since Saturday. But you can always call my cell.

    land: 941 795-4668
    cell: 941 812-7182

    - Rick
    Hey Norm,

    No problem here. I'm just checking in to find out your status for attending Bensen Days and/or picking up the engine. Per our earlier conversation, whatever you want to do is still fine with me. No hurry either way. But, your plans dictate my plans in the sense that if you're not taking the engine yet, I want to put it away from prying eyes (and hands). It wouldl still be at the airport, but tucked away in a safer place.

    Hoping you can make it.

    - Rick
    Hey Norm,
    Here's my email: [email protected]
    If you have one please send it to my email (it's easier).
    I've known you long enough to know that you do what you say you're going to do. So I don't mind holding the engine for you. However I would appreciate it if you would at least estimate your time frame for being able to deliver full payment. At the moment, and with this property purchase looming, it would be good to be able to budget properly.
    I'm supposed to close on the property by January 1st and will need the funds by then.


    - Rick
    What did you do with the outboard engine? I would be very interested in knowing how you converted this engine.
    Dave McComber....Not Yet
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