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    Renewed interest in gyros in Texas

    Gary, one question... what is your end goal/machine/expectations? Which gyro would you be able to afford and keep maintained? Something to ask before going through training. If it is a single seat gyro, there is a transition you'll need to make from the trainer to the single place gyro.
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    Helices E-Props

    Still would like feedback from gyro users of the E-prop.
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    Another EuroTub!
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    3rd lesson

    One question, does your instructor own or have hours in a single place? Magni to Bensen transition is one of the most challenging mainly due to stick pressures, rotor energy and stability changes. I trade hours between a Magni and Air Command. The Air Command is centerline thrust, so going to...
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    A&P in Central Texas

    Is he Rotax certified?
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    AG-1 - Las Vegas - N15LU

    Another outstanding design quality! With the stick full aft and no blade flapping, Sport Copter and Magni have a non-interference designs where the rotor will not contact the tail or prop. (I'll throw in Air Command and RFD as well). Pilots should not be put in the situation to compensate for a...
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    Sena flight helmet

    How do they interface with a GA radio?
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    Air Command Elite CLT ELSA

    Gyro is now sold!
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    Anywhere Map Quadra LT GPS

    This GPS is in new condition. It has been along for the ride as a backup and now no longer needed. Last maps update was 2016, so a new subscription will be needed to bring current. A great addition for any gyro! Comes with: Quadra 12V...
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    Chapter 65's 2017 meeting

    (weather permitting) November 11th 10am - ??? - Kingsbury Aerodrome fly-in We'll meet at the Aerodrome to participate in the event and hopefully have a few gyros flying in to the event besides mine! Check for more details. Looking to reestablish regular meetings...
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    Calidus frustration

    Ray, There is a Certified Rotax service center at Bulverde Airpark (I don't have their card handy) and allegedly a rotax repair shop at Boerne Stage Airport A bit further away is I use Wayne for all my Rotax work and annual...
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    Any chance to update the Calendar module to support current dates and then a repository for events?
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    Who Knows

    Another example where training would have saved the day... and the aircraft.
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    Big Day for me

    No fun when you're flying along and... hey, no back stick... &%$#, one hand on the luggage and one hand to land... Learned my lesson and strap stuff in the back seat like a cargo net with the rear seat belt. Definitely would remove the back stick for more stuff and longer trips. Sounds like a...
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    Self announce radio procedures.

    AOPA has numerous online courses that are helpful. I revisit the "Say it Right" for review of comms.