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    Harrison Ford injured in small plane crash.

    ... and THERE it is. It took 48 hours but second-guessing the pilot has begun in earnest. Hey - I heard he self trained in the Ryan. Pass it on ...
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    Well, Punkin is gone. Went to a good home, though. What you got in the barn for sale? LOL Larry

    Well, Punkin is gone. Went to a good home, though. What you got in the barn for sale? LOL Larry
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    582 Dominator For Sale - Punkin

    Tim - he'll announce when the time is right. Desmon - If I can break free for BDs, maybe we can go for a ride together?
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    582 Dominator For Sale - Punkin

    Sale pending.
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    Dominator for Sale

    Sale pending
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    Just a Pilot's thoughts......

    You think YOU had it bad? I not only had to listen to this broad talk non-stop, but I also had to listen to you bitch non-stop about her talking. SMH :sorry:
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    Dominator for Sale

    Hey - I just remembered that I have a trailer. No extra charge.
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    Dominator for Sale

    Reason for sale? Motor in my 911 puked on me during a track day. Apparently the car and I are both too damn old for HPDEs. LOL
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    Dominator for Sale

    Apparently my 'for sale' post was deleted. So I'll try again. The award winning 'Punkin' is for sale. N812A. Single place Dominator, oil injected 582 Blue Head, pull start, 2.62:1 'C' box, coilovers, clear coated (carbon fiber shows) 60" Warp Drive, 23' DWs, 6 gallon auxiliary tank for 12+...
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    GoPro type video

    How are you mouniting them, Scott, so vibration isn't a problem? I suction cup my cameras on to the Dom pod but it has a lot of vibration.
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    GoPro type video

    I agree with you on the GoPro fisheye being a problem for fliers. I have a Nikon Coolpix S9700 with optical zoom. Figured that would be the hot tip. Nope. Vibration absolutely destroys the image. And this is an image stabilized camera. Sorry I don't have a good answer.
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    Bensen Days 2015 April 15-18

    No, no. Sunstate is trying to buy the Affordable Care Act. (I heard Gab is from Kenya)
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    Effect of prerotation on takeoff distance

    Confirms my observations as well. Thanks, Chris.
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    Winter in Central Florida

    I'm a dawn flyer and it has been WAY too chilly to fly this week. I flew 3 time and it was so cold that no flight was longer than 20 mins. And that was with 3 layers of clothes. Temps have been in the 40Fs at daybreak.
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    Azusa mains on a Dominator single?

    Thanks, Craig. That's very helpful