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  • Mine will not unscrew and after purchasing two different types of spring compressors, neither which worked on the springs, I gave up. I found some beautiflul springs that are similar to the AFCO, but less costly and neutral in color. Mine are aluminum and I used the black magic springs that you recomended. The AFCOs are blue and yellow and don't go with any color scheme. I think when they are seen at Bensen Days, they will become very popular with Dominators.
    Thanks for the reply.

    Two more questions:
    1 - How tall is the bottom spacer that you fabricated from PVC? I assume that this is the preloading.

    2 - The top hats that you show in your photo do not have slots in them like the original aluminum castings. Did you cut slots after the photo or did you install them without the slots? I tried to remove the top fitting by unthreading it from the shaft. (assuming that it is threaded on.) I held the shaft with vise grips and put a large screw driver through the top fitting. It did not give. The shaft keep turning in the vise grip no matter how tight I got it. If it is threaded, it is a very tight fit. I may have to use heat, but want to here from you before I attempt to do so. I can always cut slots into the new washers and install them in the same manner as the existing.

    Thanks for your help.
    After a year with about 40 short flights on my Dominator, I am not happy with the way it handles on the ground, particularly during takeoff and landing. Every one says that replacing the air shocks with coil over will solve the problem. I have read your posts and intend to copy your setup. I have one question:
    Why pre-load? You stated that you pre-load 2.25". What is the purpose of this? Will you not get similar results with a stronger spring?
    We did not do a new hang test. I am surprised too by needing to make a new cheekplate. I will talk to Ed this week, maybe we ought to re-hang them. Thanks for bringing it up.
    I live in Land o Lakes, Fl and I am building a single place Dominator with a 582, 6' warp drive and 23' dragon wing blades. Sounds like we should get to know each other. I might be able to pick your brains from time to time.
    thanks, Phil Alvarez
    Thanks Larry. It means alot from a fellow Dominator. By the way, what is the difference between my 582 and a "blue head" 582?
    Sorry we didn't make it. How was the weather Sunday? Did I gamble and lose?
    I just saw your message posted on 2-15 re: cabin hop. Is it two per rev or one per rev? It seems to me that if it were a tracking issue it would be one per rev and there all the time. What happened after Ernie's shim installation?

    I was just starting to think the same thing. I'll call him tomorrow and let you know. Call me so I'll have your number: 941 812-7182
    need blades for kb3 joe 9082460489
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