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    Hi Paul - I'm John Lundberg here at KTOA (Torrance Airport). I met you when you flew here in 2009 and you stored your Magni in my hangar - you were also kind enough to give me a ride in it.

    I would like to get my gyro add on rating - Are you giving instruction? My daughter is a freshman at Washington Univ St Louis and I visit her a few times a year.

    Can you give me any tips about the add on rating?


    John Lundberg
    No, Paul, I am presently out of flying...period.

    I sold my machine about 18 mos. ago as I couldn't even get in the cockpit due to my leg and hip and hangar fees were eatin' me up as well. I finally had a total hip replacement this past May and am now getting around pretty good.

    I'll be 83 soon and really not too crazy about flying any more...but, you never know.?!

    Thanks for asking! Cheers.

    I read your post from 11-14-2008 about building hours and Ratings. I'm a ASEL with 180 hours with around 120 PIC. I like the way your thinking and will be going for the Gyro Commercial/CFI route and may add Helicopter later. After some build up of hours may even go for Faa DPE.
    Question is I know your able to instruct and I could take training from you if you are still involved but travel from Chicago maybe hard. Near the Chicago area who would recommend. I checked with the guys at Lansing airport and they seem to not be doing it anymore and not sure if they have the ability to train for Private and Commercial rating.
    Any help would be great.
    Thanks John Zimmerman Captainzim
    Paul- I responded to your inquiry about the price of me building a Helicycle for you. I am very interested as I LOVE building stuff. Call me at 217-419-4967 or e-mail me at [email protected]

    Stan Fosterr
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