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    Gyroplane Lands on Capital Hill Lawn?

    Way back in 1835 the French political philosopher and historical writer Alexis de Tocqueville, after touring and closely studing this new republic, wrote a book entitled "Democracy in America". He had some serious reservations concerning the longivity of this new political experiment. One of his...
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    More Personel ... More Personel ... I prefer to use an axe! It makes me feel better!:Cry:
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    DiNelly Unveiled

    Well stated! ;)
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    Dominator Gyro finds wild mules on East Caicos

    A Question? A Question? A nice video, thanks for posting. But I have a problem with those 140 year old mules? I understand that all mules are hybrids resulting from cross-breeding a horse and a donkey and can not reproduce themselves? Something to do with the mule having an odd number of...
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    Scam alert

    Yes, I can testify it is definately a scam. I only recieved $80,000,000 and the 11 beautiful brides was reduced to 10 and 3 of them are absolute DOGS!:sorry:
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    Johns Bad..............

    WAAY off topic WAAY off topic Ray - Arnie - and anyone else interested; There is a very good western movie, "Wheels to the Stars", about a family of wheelwrights who traversed the continent by their trade. The first episode is here:
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    Crazyness without limits

    That's Nikolas Karaolides, and he knows exactly what he's doing. :D
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    The dangedist thing I ever saw / heard!

    This just plain ain't right! Greg Pritchard - Castrated Singer? - Britains Got Talent 2009 Ep 5 - YouTube
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    Is this a McCullough?

    Indeed it is a Mac. I once had one on an airboat for a short while.;) But more interestingly the "Sweet Lady" is nine other than Norma Jeane Mortenson who later became known as Marilyn Monroe!
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    Bensen Cyclic Control System

    Bensen Joy Stick Bensen Joy Stick Wayne, I have the original Bensen plans in PDF format I can send you as e-mail attachment if you will send your regular e-mail address. The ones in the photos are not Bensen, just sorta-like.;)
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    Dick DeGraw's creations

    Doug, you have just touched on an amazing story! Your first line is absolutely true; they were trying to develop a rubber substitute. Your second line is not quite accurate, it required no imagination at all. The material they were trying to modify was the sap of a very common tree which the...
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    Trim spring force

    There are so many variables that can affect trim spring tension that its hard to know where to start. First, are you sure your horz stab is not nose up and lifting the tail? The yard arm set can affect that. How much offset does your rotor head have? All else being equal, the more offset the...
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    Jukka Tervamaki /Magni rotor head question

    Look closely at the drawing item -6, bearing block and ring gear support are machined out of one solid piece of 4130 Cro-Mo steel. You will notice the threads are tapped into the block with an 8mm diameter x 6mm deep counterbore for thread clearance. That's why the bolts are safty wired thru the...