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    AeroMomentum Engines

    Put one in my North Wing trike 5yrs ago, great engine very good on fuel 2.25 GPH.
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    Titanium Explorer - #5 in USA

    Way to go Chris, keep haven fun.!
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    Yamaha 3CYL 130FI weight?

    I weighed mine without the gearbox 118#.
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    Short field take off.

    great sound on the second video.
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    I would very much like to read a copy also, making it accessable online would be great.
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    Rules and Regs regarding international flight

    Hi I live an fly in panama an C/R, you will not have any problems here, Nicaragua, you can only fly transet to Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, I am not sure, but I no other pilots who have flown down from the U.S., you will need to check with embassy of each country, an pre fill flight plans, I...
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    a question from ground school

    EVERYONE These discussions are great and needed for new gyro pilots, I am leaning a great deal reading this one, please keep it going. ******
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    Abid, Greg - Silverlight Aviation - Recommendation

    Thanks Abid, That is a really nice looking trike, I notice the large wheel pants, and was wondering, I have a set I got from Buddy yrs ago, and have large truff tires on the Magni, how do you think they mite work, or would I be asking for trouble ??
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    Helping each others Goals

    I like you Jake--I think Vance will do good.
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    Abid, Greg - Silverlight Aviation - Recommendation

    Very nice Abid, you should put pics of the others also--Trike and tail-drager
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    speaking of seats, anyone got any suggestions on how to improve the comfort leave of the Magni m16 seats, they are really bad.
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    2015 Mentone PRA convention PILOT AND MACHINE honors

    Congratulations Chris, way to go, I could not make Mentone this yr, but was watching all the goings on from afar.
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    Abid, do you sell the helmet that Greg has been using ? I have a Micro-air from England, and...

    Abid, do you sell the helmet that Greg has been using ? I have a Micro-air from England, and need to know if the plug is the same etc.send me your ph.# I will give you a call. Paul
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    Insane to fly from US to Colombia?

    I live and fly a Magni in Panama, and just got back from Nicaruagua, tring to get some thing set up for atrip there, so far you can only fly transit in Nica. I will know more in a month or so, I know you will need to contact all the country's ahead of time and a flight Plane is required, here...
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    Zephyrhills Fly-In Saturday

    Hey way to go Greg, see it did not take very long did it.