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  • Hey Mark, I am a computer neandertal so forgive any mistakes I may make, also in the next few weeks I will be spending a lot of time fishing, so will not be spending much time on the computer. When I am on the computer I have to spend time looking out for my various investments, its a very volatile time in the worlds economy now and I do not want to loose as I have in the past.
    I am Pleased you are stepping back and taking it slow. If I can be of assistance dont hesitate to ask.
    I have a mate building a gyro and I visited him yesterday and its nearly ready. He intends to teach himself and I expect him to be airbourne in only a couple of hrs because it has a large foil section stab, good suspension, wide wheelbase and he has 100 hrs in a microlight. Ill keep you posted. Got to go now will post again later
    cheers Bruce
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