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  • Can you tell me what changes/differences occurred between your prototype machine and the 'production' kits?
    Would you post a picture of the dis-assembled (for transport in the trailer) Skywheels?
    Not really sure all of the differences between the mine and the production machines except the production had a different landing gear .
    I posted pics on the blades and how I transport them in the ad in the for sale section.
    yea, that would be great! This weather sucks!!! The only reason I venture outside is for firewood!I'd love to go for a flight or check out your gyro. My build has slowed down because it's just to freakin cold!!
    Congratulations on the new rating, I just got back from scappoose. Pra chapter 73. Meeting and saw some nice spotcopters. I got russes message it would be great to get it goin locally!
    Hi Kent.

    Thanks for the invite and yes I will keep you in the loop on chapter 30. I started to rekindle chapter 30, only to find out another club member had already taken on the cause, so I backed off. It doesn't look like anything is happening though so if you'll give me a couple of weeks to get things ready for winter here in Cle Elum, I'll try and get everyone together for a social get together. Welcome to the world of gyroplane enthusiasts, or might I say gyro nuts, as we are a mixed bag of strong minded individuals.

    Russ Hobbs 509-304-8195
    hello ok777. So I'm not alone up here! I would to like talk gyros! And from your call sign we could probably talk 777 also!I decided to head down to scappoose and get my fix .hope the weather holds.
    Hi Kent: Nice talking with you at Scappoose Saturday!

    I checked the youtube video on your visitor page, and it is just the segment from "Beyond Tomorrow" that was added to the Windryder video.

    If you would like, I can send you my copy produced by Jim McCutcheon. It also has Jim Vanek in it, holding some of the fiberglass parts up to the gyro, showing how they fit. It is before he was married, and before his hair change...

    Let me know your mailing address either in a private message through this forum or by email to me, and I'll send it to you. This is a copy of the original VHS video, which I used to have, before I gave it to Jim Vanek. He had never seen it, but had heard about it from others, and wanted to see it.

    Kent I spoke with Jim Vanek today...I was down there on a parts run. He did not hold out any encouragement with Dave Overman as he had not heard from him for a while. He is mentioned that another CFI was moving to the area and that he was going to try to work him into giving lessons with the Sportcopter trainer.
    He did say if nothing developes that he would give me some lessons but recommended some fixed wing tail dragger to get some hours and basic skills down. My question is how many of those hours transfer over to the gyro sport rating?


    Jim L
    Hey Kent I noticed your pictures of the Sports-Copter II down at Scappoose. Did you get to talk to Jim about lessons? I have been working on Dave Overman to get him to commit to a time and place. We tentively agreed to the 3rd week in July...he had some work scheduling issue and a family vacation he had to get out of the way. If I can't get him in July I may have to try back in the midwest or southwest. A guy who owns a Vortex in the mid-west was encouraging me to come out to the Mentone, Indiana fly in saying that there are quite a number of CFI's back there.

    I created a you-tube site featuring gyros. Go to my site and see the Mentone 09 flick. He did a great job in the production of this video. He also has a couple of great ideas for gyro trailer that are also on my channel.



    Jim L
    That is a nice looking aircraft! What make is that power plant? And is that setting on the top...a turbo? Is this a kit gyro or a custom built one of a kind?

    I just dropped a note to Mike Burton in Utah. He is a gyro CFI. You can go to his profile and he has a link to an 'Instructor' location map. He is the closest to the NW. He said that he would work with guys coming in out of town...Synchronizing the schedule is the trick. I would like to do it in April also. Hopefully I can 'get'r done' in a week. My vacation is available March 28...
    Kent, greetings! You are living near my old neck of the woods. I went to High School near Mt Vernon and Woolley...up the valley in Concrete. I'm just getting into Gyros too...as a matter of fact I just bought a Vortex from a widow lady whose husband had died. I'm really looking forward to getting some instruction to get into the air but CFI rated instructors are hard to find. I commented on you post awhile back about Jim Vanek at Scapoose but he is pretty busy and it really hard to schedule I'm finding out.

    I posted a picture of my new ride at my profile. Check. it our if you like....see you round
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