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    What's the Status?

    What's the status of the Phenix Autogyro? The website no longer exists. I was really hoping this tractor autogyro go into production. Even better, become a kit aircraft for the USA experimental amateur built market. It definitely would sell here in the USA as a kit.! Wayne
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    An "Interesting" Attempt

    As for the fuel tank, that's the purchaser's problem. I especially like the instrument panel. No DG, but there's an RMI and glide slope indicator! Wayne
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    An "Interesting" Attempt

    Sent to me by a good friend. I find this attempt to build a tractor gyroplane out of an existing fixed wing airframe "interesting." It is for sale on Craigslist in Montery, CA. The description is as follows. Wayne "Hello, Autogyro, made from a shortened Cessna 150. Build partially from “little...
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    Marion Springer flew back home today.

    No Title A video of Marion flying her Bensen Gyrocopter on her 80th Birthday in 2009. TV News report from the early 1980s from Tracy, CA
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    Marion Springer flew back home today.

    No Title From last year's birthday party for Marion. Wayne
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    Marion Springer flew back home today.

    Very well said Dave. Thank you for letting everyone know on this forum. I just read last night's e-mail from her daughter Linda about Marion's passing. I'm so very proud to call Marion my friend. and will always cherish my conversations with her. Linda said there will be no memorial service...
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    More fun flying The Predator.

    Hi Mark, Were you involved with the YF-4E project when you were at Edwards? When I was a teen, I rode a motorcycle around the North Base complex and saw the YF-4E on the ramp. I took several photos. I was an AF Dependent at the time and I had arrangements to have my film developed at the photo...
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    ADS-B Out Option

    LOL, Funny sign J.R.! Paul, Part 107 in some ways overlap with Part 101 for RC aircraft operations. That's why at the present time, 400 ft AGL altitude restriction and visual line of site. Small UAS are RC aircraft. On a normal weekend, the airspace around El Mirage Dry Lake Bed and become...
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    ADS-B Out Option

    I suspect that when ADS-B out is fully implemented, we'll actually see an increase in aviation accidents. Why I say this is because we'll have a very large number of pilots keeping their heads (i.e. eyes and brains) in the cockpit, and not looking outside and flying the aircraft. Just look at...
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    Chino Airshow

    I volunteered on the restoration of the N9M along with a high school buddy of mine, Greg Shackle. Greg put in way more hours than I did. The restoration was performed at a secret, off airport location, away from Chino airport, just to minimize the amount of "Lookey Loos" that could slow down the...
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    Miss Gidget Twinstarr Gyro up for sale

    Hi Rick, Did you ever sell the Twinstarr? Wayne
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    Barnet Rolling Frame

    Tom, Please share some of the funny stories that are associated with the PRA museum Barnett J3M. I'm interested! Wayne
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    Happy Birthday Marion Springer!

    Happy Birthday Marion! The Queen of Gyroplane Aviation! and a wonderful dear friend! Wayne
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    Puerto Rico

    Bump! Has anyone heard from any of our PRA members in Puerto Rico? Wayne
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    Good for another year.

    Congratulations Vance. Glad to read you passed another medical. I'm surprised a Physician Assistant performed the exam instead of the AME. It is to my understanding that only an AME can perform the physical for it to be valid. That being said, I've heard from others that has not been the case...