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    camping at Bensen days

    Al is such a cutie, he let us hold and pet 'im one year when Jim was still around. I have a photo of me with Al somewhere...
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    Deland, FL Airshow

    Did ANYONE in here go to the Deland Airshow? If so, any comments about it? I noticed Silverlight was an exhibitor, maybe Greg of Abid can chime in and give us their thoughts and take-aways. I only just heard about it today - weeks after the fact - in an email offering MAC an exhibitor's list.
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    Need help, Bearing replacement sizes for Rotax C box

    Some folks I know need help with the right size bearings for a Rotax C box, replacing the prop shaft front bearing. Thanks.
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    Another good man has gone!

    I met Alex at Bensen Days 2015, after seeking out the father-son team of dealers of the then-premiered Tango Gyro, at the lunch trailer, to tell them that there were three things about the Tango Gyro that I would change. Two of these things got changed on later models, Tango Russia persevered...
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    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    Indications at this early time are that the error in initial pilot reported is due to someone jumping the gun and connecting the N numbers to the owner, then stating that he was the pilot before knowing all the facts. It is my understanding that the "first 40" were being flown off by Alex for...
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Hmm. I had an Odyssey fail after only a year, big waste of my $$$. On the other hand, I have had half a dozen Yamaha batteries that weigh about the same as the Odyssey did, about same size, like motorcycle battery style, and these batteries all sat around for the better part of the year in...
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    This is Greg in Columbia. Please send me an email and please introduce yourself...

    This is Greg in Columbia. Please send me an email and please introduce yourself: [email protected] thanks
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    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    Polk County KA4A is the home of Peachstate Rotorcraft Club, and this is one of our members.
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    Tango 2 - N875FV - Georgia

    My good friend. Our good friend. Not sure if his name has been released, so that's all I am going to say about this for now. I am in shock, just got the news from another close friend.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    I am shopping for a battery for a customer's electric pre-ro system (rotor is 28' or 30'). Thanks, any helpful hints from Heloise? Need it pretty quick, the project is winding down and nearly ready to test fly the first anywhere Yamaha 165HP titanium EXUP valved exhaust. geeked.
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    Electric Pre-Rotator

    Then: I always thought of Toyota as being a car/truck manufacturer...what am i missing here?
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    Need sprag clutch

    What typically happens - especially in a case like yours where it continues to occur multiple times - is vibration from engine, gearbox and prop all come together to form the perfect wave - literally. Constructive wave formation wears out the sprag dogs and/or the races. The tolerances are...
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    The "Nine O Nine" B-17 crashed

    I am deeply saddend by the loss of life and total destruction of aircraft yesterday. I wrote on this forum about four years ago that I had just enjoyed an exhilarating experience off the coast of Savanna flying "in formation" with a B-17, known as the "Nine O Nine", for a short distance as...
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    Need sprag clutch

    Arrow gearboxes used GM transmission sprags circa late 1950's through late 1960's. Like your idea, these were used on 2-stroke engines. You really need to understand a few things here. 1. The closer to the engine in the gearing arrangment, the smaller your sprag can be. Sprags are...
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    First 165HP Yamaha EXUP Aircraft Build

    Photos of progress on Geoff Resney's Air Command tendem, formerly a Subaru powered gyro. This is the first ever Yamaha Genesis 4-cylinder (YG4) 165HP EXUP aircraft. Yet another AC Yamaha pioneering project. Chris Toevs, et. al., was lamenting that missing from RF these days are the detailed...