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    World's First 160 HP Yamaha EXUP Aircraft Engine!

    Yesterday, March 25, 2020 I revved up the first ever aircraft conversion Yamaha Genesis 4-cylinder (YG4) with EXUP titanium, computer-controlled, valved exhaust - which produces a whopping 10-30% MORE POWER across the mid-range power band than conventional YG4's. This Air Command Tandem...
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    Conversion Matrix for SPEED, THRUST & HP

    It is fun to play with numbers and power output for our power plants, so here is a nifty little conversion table I have been using for a few years that others might want in their reference folder. With this, you can determine things like Theoretical top speed, with known static thrust (tied...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    Here are the Summit part numbers for the 45 PSI fuel pump and adjustable regulator. CRT-P74028 FUEL PUMP - ELECTRIC IN LINE $62.99 TNK-AFPR1 FUEL REGULATOR ADJUSTABLE...
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    Yamaha Genesis 120 hp for sale

    I like the engine dolly. I have always used one of these dollies for engines in the shop and just stuck a 2x4 under the exhaust side to hold it upright. Maybe someday I'll get around to copy this.
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    I like the stock Yamaha fuses and relays, they are especially useful for pushers (gyros), where the panel is far away from the engine. On this one I am working on today, we have the stock FI relay mounted to the stock engine starter motor relay located high at the mag end of the engine next to...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    Sounds like I should forget about trying to include any soft start capability and just wire this up as a straight-forward Electric pre-rorotator, or as I like to call them, "E-pro". Shown below is the 200A continuous/ 500A momentary, relay I found on Amazon for $26.99 w/ next day Prime...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    John: There is a Summit Racing Fuel pump by Carter which is 45PSI, although the ad on SR no longer lists the pressure rating. I bought one for a customer install and tested it, it was spot on. The stock tank-mounted pump runs 43 psi. You can't mount it outside of the tank because it has its...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    BTW, spoke with Dan from SDU this weekend, I think we have the wire harness questions sorted out. Travis was supposed to ship out the starter relay that was missing on his YG2 some time ago, but it got away from him (and me, as a result). Sorry for the delay.
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    Ah, great, now I know what I'm dealing with. Bless your little heart, I apologize for never having worked on an electric prerotation system previously, however I am quite well-versed in electricity as well as electronics. Now that you mention it, I actually am quite intimate with electricity...
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    So this thing is a 24V system? Does anyone know what this dual motor contraption is originally from?
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    Help~Electric 2-Stage Pre-Rotater Wiring

    Attached is a photo my customer's electric double-motor, two-stage pre-rotator. For safety, a heavy-duty solenoid relay is used to isolate power to the electric starter motors when not in use, but that is not the question. You don't need a solenoid to run the motor(s), for testing purposes you...
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    camping at Bensen days

    Al is such a cutie, he let us hold and pet 'im one year when Jim was still around. I have a photo of me with Al somewhere...
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    Deland, FL Airshow

    Did ANYONE in here go to the Deland Airshow? If so, any comments about it? I noticed Silverlight was an exhibitor, maybe Greg of Abid can chime in and give us their thoughts and take-aways. I only just heard about it today - weeks after the fact - in an email offering MAC an exhibitor's list.
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    Need help, Bearing replacement sizes for Rotax C box

    Some folks I know need help with the right size bearings for a Rotax C box, replacing the prop shaft front bearing. Thanks.