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  • If you are using the Yamaha engines, perhaps you are able to answer my question. Have you found a way to make the error code 81 remain off? It's for the sled hand warmer sensor. I know you can pick up the switch for it (on ebay), connect it and a light bulb to shut the error code 81 off, but it seems to keep coming back on after a few flights. Then, one has to hook up the switch and shut it off again. It only takes a minute or two...but not until after you land and get around to hooking it up and reseting it again. Gotta be a better way.

    Currently I'm waiting out this cold weather to get some flying in. The limited time I've had to fly the Tango so far has been great!


    John Wiest
    Tango2 556V
    Sir, I don't know you, but as a gyro newbie, I value your input on rotary forum. I understand and support your desire to make any changes you feel are in your best interest. Hell, I started flying gyros when I was 65! Thank you for your posts, and best of luck. Ray Hancock
    Hay Greg, was wondering if you were interested in an Apex 150 hp sled motor, you are the only person that I could think of to offer this engine to. Give me a call at 574-309- 0855 if interested J.R. Brown

    what can you tell me about the gyro's you are going to assemble? Any pricing in place yet for the gyro or parts?
    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Greg, I read a post you wrote a long time ago about an old style Hirth gearbox.
    I have the same gearbox and need the flexible coupler (or spyder) too, im interested in any info you may have. (I realize it was a long time ago so no worries if you dont)
    Greg, I'm sure you're busy at Sun & Fun this week. Please send me an email at [email protected] when you get back, to provide me an update on the 2 place Air Command's progress. Rich Wise

    I'll be glad to meet you if I am life is craaaazy.
    770-607-0144 bryandcobb @att .net
    Hi Greg,

    Sorry took some time to get back to u. Things are well. Soloed. Flying and highly impressed by this amphibious machine.
    You can click the tab above here, <CONTACT INFO>, then follow the link for <EMAIL>, it will send your message directly to my personal email and I will respond within 24 hrs. Make sure you include your own email address so I can reply.
    Greg- I am looking into the world of gyrocopters and was glad to see your info on Yamaha conversions. Looks like a good idea to me and definitely something I want to look further into when I get a chance to build. Also have my eye on a RAF2000 that only has an EA81 engine. That would seem to be underpowered, but my knowledge level is still pretty low. Price is pretty good, but still researching. Need to sell some of my current toys, then negotiate with wife before buying any gyro. Do you have a website or contact info that I can save for future references? No specific questions yet, just learning and gathering resources for parts, engines, blades, etc. Thanks in advance.
    William 'Willie' Cunningham aka 3willie ( I ride a Can Am Spyder motorcycle.)
    I like your idea of CRB counter rotating blades
    As I see it:
    The more blades you have, the shorter they need to be
    (Allowing for a dead zone near the centre)
    So maybe 6 blades on each level would be good
    perhaps a gearbox could be added that locked the shafts and kept the blades rotating at the same speeds
    However if 6 smaller blades would work on a single deck
    then any leading edge lift on the other deck should in theory extend the top speed
    Yep, the tail was fine after a little tinkering. Then I trailered it a bit differently on the way home, and that fixed the problem completely. Sorry to hear you are going with a 3-cylinder Yamaha, I would rather like to help you out with a 4 cylinder. My frame and installation are much lighter and better, especially since my PSRU is mounted directly to the engine, not seperated from it on all that unnecessary, expensive, custom-fabricated and heavy framework. I run a 68" prop. I could definitely go bigger if I wanted to raise the engine up higher, there is plenty of rotor clearance for it. But that's what I had in the shop at the time I built it.
    Hi From Panama,
    Greg, enjoyed meeting you @ B/D, have got some training lined up for May with Britta, and Am considering a Air Command, 2 place have a 130 yamaha lined up, what size prop can you run on yours, and did you ever get your rudder sorted out.
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