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    I haven't gotten mine yet. Ordered it through PayPal, don't remember more.
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    2017 Calendars

    I will take 1.
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    We lost FJ today .... he's flying on angel wings now!

    So sorry to hear this. I haven't been on the Forum for several days and was really shocked to read this. My deepest sympathies.
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    Engine Recommendations (110-130hp)

    I'm using a 600 SDI, but my gyro is far from finished.
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    Farmer Jim SOLOED today!!!!!

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    Jump take-off capability for all gyros!

    I thought the FAA had accepted the ASTM for gyroplanes. The ASTM standard does allow for a ground adjustable pitch. The gyro can't leave the ground with 0 pitch, so it is ground adjustable only. Sent from my phone.
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    an objective analysis of accident vid

    C Baty; Shame on you. It is obvious that the by C30 in question is mounted on the floats at about a 10° angle. It is no wonder with the floats pointing down 10° in level flight would cause a strong nose down force.
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    8 weeks after surgery

    Looking good Jake
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    Sunstate Calendars 2016

    Thanks Jake.
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    Our prayers are with you.
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    Thinking of you and my prayers are with you.
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    Idiot Builds Gyro To Go BACKWARDS!!!

    The Rotax 900 series engines have a single row ball bearing on the prop shaft, with a straight roller bearing on the other end. The ball bearing takes all the thrust in both directions.
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    muti- blades

    A Light Sport licence restricts you to 2 blades.
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    the original superman gyro circa long time ago

    liljoes, I think I saw you going up 27 just south of Haines City, the Monday after thanksgiving at about 3:00.
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    New Gyro CFI

    Congrats Greg, you will be a great CFI.