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    The new Magni M26 will be unveiled on April 1, 2020 (teaser video)

    Yes, I was hoping for side doors for ease of escape and they seem to generally have more head room for helmets. Hopefully Magni's conservatism will allow room for helmets. Unfortunately I'm 6'4" which might be a bridge too far.
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    Rotor blades - Airworthiness Directive - Celier - Trendak - Argo

    I agree, the overhead canopy design limits escape options and at least in my case don't have the headroom for a helmet. After a forced landing I want to remain conscience and escape quickly in case of fire. Side doors are the best option when it comes to escape. It will be interesting to see...
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    According to their Facebook page... yes.
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    Installing toe/heel brakes.

    The Backyard Flier has an independent braking system light enough for an ultralight. It's shown 11:45 into the video.
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    Lets Crash Some Remote Control Gyros and Film Everything We Can Do to Get Us Killed

    Building drone gyros to demonstrate the "Does and Don'ts" of flying gyros and the repercussions is not practical IMHO. I think simulation via flight simulation games would be far easier and more demonstrable. Now having said that, I don't know if gyros are represented in these games or whether...
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    A question for gyroplane pilots.

    You describe a process similar to what is demonstrated in this video. The main difference is the video proposes there are advantages to eliminating the wheel balance altogether. I don't see the advantage of limiting pre rotation to 150. John
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    Galaxy has their Galaxy Recovery System (GRS) and has models and installations that are designed for gyros and helicopters. These are not ballistic chutes of the past where you are correct that nothing was tested or approved by any company for gyros. The GRS is designed to allow the bridle to...
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    Making a reasonable Cross Country Machine

    You have good reason to be worried. I'm 6'4" and don't fit in a Calidus except in the back seat. I have the added requirement of helmet clearance so all the hinge over bubble canopy gyros like the Calidus, ELA, and enclosed AR-1 are off the table. I can tell you from first hand experience...
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    I saw these guys at the Aero Expo.
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    I need help

    I've heard there's an AutoGyro based at South Jersey Reginal. Not sure which model.
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    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    I did not but I wasn't looking for one. I did speak to one of the pilots and he did not mention any alternative throttle control.
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    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    I saw this at the Aero Expo. The first thing I noticed, besides the chute atop the rotor, was that it had no throttle on the collective. Throttle is under full FADEC control including maintaining rotor rpm with collective changes.
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    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    Interesting, I came across something similar when talking the the Swiss Adventura-s gyro where they said they couldn't include a GRS and be German DULV certified. Being at Aero with DULV just down the hall I asked them why. They said because there was no such thing a ballistic recovery option...
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    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    At the risk of being accused of arguing I'll respond. I saw you mentioned the TAG accidents before, but when you mentioned mast failures it rang a bell. GRS does have a optional kevlar belt that ties the rotor head assembly to the main structure in the case of the M24 which has a steel frame...
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    Cavalon - Nephi - N882M

    A list of situations that might benefit from a chute, including airmanship mistakes which plenty have died from, is simply an attempt to offer a solution when caught in those mistakes. I certainly do not plan on being in any of these situations, that's your opinion of me for some reason. Should...