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  • G'day Neil,
    my redrive stopped leaking oil from seal after about an hour of running after you sent it back ....done about 30 hrs since then ....all seems good.
    Eric Hoskinson
    Hi Neil,

    I have an interest in the wheels, but see that your in NZ which would likely make shipping out of the question.

    Hi Neal From what I understand you - Autoflight have developed some redrives. Have you done any redrives that would fit the crank on a Yamaha 120? I would be very interested in one.

    Thanks Marc
    I am interested in your conversion for the Weber 750 MPE, have you done any testing yet? Is the watercraft or snowmobile engine the better choice? Price?
    Hi Neil

    Tried to send fax earlier but could not get thru, was needing to know how the "typical " connection on the drive gear on your universal re-drive is set up. Is it a taper connection like a Rotax, or a flange mount like a automobile crankshaft or are both avialable. My present engine is a snowmobile model with the large tapered shaft on the output. My next engine could be either with taper or automobile style flange(this is used on marine and off road models where a short stub shaft flange is bolted onto the crankshaft, this allows for the installation of some kind of flywheel if needed. The snowmobile is by far the most available and least expensive on the used/salvage market.

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