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    Unfortunately John has past away recently. The PRA chapter is no longer. Al is flying a...

    Unfortunately John has past away recently. The PRA chapter is no longer. Al is flying a Searay and enjoying life and is working on his Aircommand Gyro with a Yamaha engine conversion. I am replacing my gyro engine (from MZ202 to a Weber 750 four stroke. I may try to get my biennial flight...
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    Fuel line system

    No Title I must disagree with one of Uncle Willie's points. When pumps are in series, the fuels pressures will be additive and will increase pressure and thus will increase fuel flow. You have to be careful with total fuel pressure which must remain below the carburetors manufacturers...
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    ignition coil failure

    How long do you mean "when left on for a long time"? I had a Subaru Outback that had very sporadic ignition problems that I couldn't track down myself. I brought it to a import mechanic who had some kind of testing equipment and the coil tested marginal and replaced the coil pack which...
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    Dominator rebuild

    Are you giving up on the Arctic cat engine?
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    What blades and prop are you using on your gyro?

    Dragonfly 24' dragon wings n485MP Compact radial Mz 202 68" warp drive
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    How did your spouse react to you wanting to fly a gyro?

    When I discovered gyros while searching the internet/youtube for a way to fly "something" 5 to 6 years ago, I showed the youtube video to my wife and asked her what she thought of gyroplane flight, she said "you'd have to be crazy to fly in one of those!". I explained that I believe that gyros...
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    Trim spring tension

    In my efforts to understand how rotor flapping, airspeed, trim spring tension all interact, any thoughts on the Sportcopter style rotor head's method of reducing or eliminating trim spring tension? The SC rotor head still has the offset between the rotor head axis and the pivot point. As the...
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    Calendars 2016

    Although still the shortest month, it's not as bad as you think. February has an extra day In 2016. It's leap year!
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    A Low Flight To Crow Island

    Nice video! I wish I had the sack to fly that low over the pine cones! Just can't do it with my 2-stroke. In Rotax we trust. Have fun! Mike
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    I second the motion!
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    carb heat

    Paul, I was thinking the same thing. Doesn't the fuel enter the air stream in the carburetor after the slide/butterfly?
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    Engine Displacement and Horsepower Requirements

    Scott, You're using a 58 inch prop on that? Mike
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    Gyro down

    Thank you all for all the positive words. I really appreciate them! The rebuild process has begun! Will post about the progress. Thanks again! Mike
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    Gyro down

    An error of omission An error of omission And now, the rest of the story: On June 20th, my friend and I decided to take a short cross-country flight to a nearby airport for a "$100 hamburger" at a nearby restaurant. We checked the weather, fueled up the machines, conducted our preflight...
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    Gyro down

    Yes that was me. I did not receive even a scratch. The machine is another story. Working late tonight but will provide full details when able thanks for your concern. Mike