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  • Hey Mike, Jay Boyce here, I live just over the Ma line in Barre Ma. You are probably one of the closest gyro guys to me. Were you part of the Yankee rotors crew? I would like to get in touch with Al and John, great guys. I'm building a gyro now and hopefully will be flying soon. Just saying hi
    Unfortunately John has past away recently. The PRA chapter is no longer.
    Al is flying a Searay and enjoying life and is working on his Aircommand Gyro with a Yamaha engine conversion. I am replacing my gyro engine (from MZ202 to a Weber 750 four stroke. I may try to get my biennial flight review at Crow Island, MA in 2020 if possible. I built my gyro from scratch and let me know if I can be of any help.
    Mike, thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear about John, He was a great guy and a lot of fun to have around. I am at Crow island on weekends, hope to meet you there. I'm just finishing my current gyro project. I'm looking at the Yamaha RX1. Would love to compare notes.

    Where can I find the info on the high performance air band antenna and I love your build. Looks awesome. How's the suspension working out?
    Jeremy, I've received a little more than 10 hours of flight training from Chris Burgess, who trains in Frederick, Maryland. I go down for training in 2 day blocks, although the weather does not alway cooperate. Chris trains in a tandem Snowbird gyro. He does have a max student weight of 200 lbs. (Weight and balance restrictions on the front seat which you train from. My schedule allows me to go down to Frederick mid-week. Good luck with your training and project. Feel free to ask questions anytime.
    Hi Mike,
    I see on your post you are going to take some flying leasons. Can you tell me where? I haven't had any luck in finding anyone in Vermont.
    Great build BTW.
    No, we never did a double hang test but Matt could fly with his hands off of the stick for extended periods of time. The general rule of thumb for building a CLT gyro is to have the thrust line pass thru your belly button, Dragonfly was built that way and flew CLT with no bad habits.
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