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  • Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Mirek, thanks for the great stuff, Haffner had some very advanced ideas indeed!


    hi mate ,im bob and if you like you can add me
    im (mechanical engineer) and want to made a personal helicopter like mosquito but i dont have compelet,exact plane ..
    i started with studing on furi plan but i im not sure about it so if i had another plane like a/w95 or mosq...
    my email:[email protected]
    Mirek, thanks for the great links! This will definitely give me another good reason to improve my Russian (I just need 36 hours per day, since I'm working on Jon's program)


    Mirek, thanks for the link to the 282 pictures, I filed them right away. My program is slowly making progress but the "Technical Papers, Books and Publications" section seems to be used by quit a lot of people, thank you for your supporting this idea!

    So long,

    Hi Mirek, nice to have you on the friends list. I have been so busy getting my rotary wing math model to the next stage (add the gyro formulae) that I didn't contribute much to the rotary forum and almost nothing to the russian form (sigh... there's always to little time ....;-)
    Have a nice weekend!
    >> do you know why we can fly with 3G enabled devices?

    ??? Didn't get the context....
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