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  • Hey Mark
    Great to meet you at Mentones 50th. Appreciate the flight in your Xenon.
    Havent got much done since getting home and this bought of sciatica is thd last straw. I have been watching your involvment in the Xenon debacle.Good thing you are there to help keep things real.
    Again pleasure to have met you annd tochat long enough to know i like you Bloke. So fly safe and take care but have fun doing it.
    Tim Mercer up here in Westminster. I am building a Little Wing Autogyro and see you are using a Duc Helise prop on your Xenon. I would love to here some feedback on this prop. I like the looks of it and the spoon on the tips looks like it would enhance tip perfomance.
    I watch your videos of you and Todd going flying and am jealous! with any luck i will get in the air this next spring, we have a great place to fly here along the front range. I have Todd making me a redrive kit for my Yamaha 120 so quit taking the guy flying so he can finish my parts hey! :)
    feel free to call anytime.
    Take Care and good flying!

    303 929-1531
    [email protected]
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