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  • Hi Matt. I saw your thread about the phoenix dominator you built with a modified airframe.
    I have the plans for a dominator which is designed around a 60" prop as you probably know. I have a rotax 582 I am going to use on it and a 67" prop I was thinking of using. To do this I am obviously going to have to modify the airframe to accommodate the larger diameter.
    Since you have already been though a similar process, would it be possible to have a chat sometime about the changes you had to make, and the effects it had on performance over a standard dominator, both on the ground and in the air.
    My email address is [email protected], and am also on skype.

    Hope to talk soon
    Matt I'll support you. Give the wife and baby a hug for me. Loved my time with the three of you at Bensen Days.
    It is a hirth gearbox. You would have to call the guys at recreational power sports and they could help u. I cannot remember much about it. Sorry I could not help more...but they definitely could.
    Do you recall the type of redrive that was on the Bee? No markings on it, and it needs some attention.

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