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  • Hello, I came across a post of yours where you ferried the Ela Eclipse to Texas. What was your experience with that aircraft? I've owned a couple gyros including an MTO Sport which was my last one a few years back and am debating what to get for my next one. Both the Eclipse and Scorpion are really nice looking machines but I haven't seen either in person so I wasn't able to check out the structural quality. I've read a few posts about quality issues at ELA but like any manufacturer, I wonder if these were very rare instances compared to the many aircraft that are being flown without any incident. I love the option of flying the Eclipse open in the summer and enclosed in the winter. I look at the Silverlight AR1 and the enclosure looks like an after thought both cosmetically and stability wise. Thanks for your input!
    How about sending me an e-mail. I would like to share information about my AG Cavalon
    I am In Costa Rica now but will be back in the states next week.
    Regards; Mike Simmons ([email protected])
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