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  • Hey there Mike,

    I understand that you are the go to guy for plans. Well, I happen to be looking for plans and am wondering what you have. However this isnt a one way street today! I would like to take some of these plans and draft them into SolidWorks. Would this be of any interest to you or other forum members?

    Basically I would like to start getting into the design and construction of gyroplanes and find that the visual aspects of CAD modeling help me understand the concepts involved.

    Please let me know!

    Wish you and your family a very happy new year.

    May the year bring peace,prosperity, health and happiness.

    Best Regards.
    Hi Mike, do you still have the digital files for the Benson B-8 Gyro that you posted
    some time back??? I have one and need some help and those documents would
    help me out. Please advise if you can our not.

    Thank you,

    Hey Mike,where in heck are you now,are you still flying gyros? how are and how have you been? Jean and I have often wondered how you are and where you are now.Please get in touch 207-691-5964 Bill and Jean Roman in Thomaston Maine.
    Hello! I saw in a message in 2009 you had made construction plans for a Bensen B-8m gyrocopter available for download but the links have expired. Could I send you my email to get those from you? Thank you sir!
    I see in a message from 2009 that you have original Bensen construction scans. I would be interested in getting scans of two sheets: #04==Float #2 - Float Installation and 05==Float #1F - Float Construction. Thanks for your kind attention. How is the best way for me to give you my email address? Glenn
    MM: What has happened to Fiveboy?

    I miss seeing his postings on the forum?

    You can PM me instead of replying here. I couldn't find a way to do that to you with this message. You must have turned that feature off on the forum...
    Mike I would love a CD of the stuff you offer.
    Jim Skelly
    W9453 Stone Ledge Rd.
    Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. 53916
    Hi, Karl Hagstrom said i should ask you about some plans for the kb2. The only guy with a gyro anywhere near me has one. He has been into gyros since the 70's. He is kind of my mentor in my quest. I made the mistake of buying most of my materials for that design before i got any plans. Now of course I cant find any. Can you help me out? Thanks, Tim
    Hey I forgot all about your controls in the back of my expo, they where in a box. I have them on my desk wraped up now and ready to send out. Be on the lookout for them to be there soon.

    Hello Mike.

    Never knew there were gyros in MN.
    Glad to see you guys have PRA CH 17.

    My brother lives in Eagan MN and his two sons 9 and 13 are future gyro pilots.
    The kids have accompanied me to one of my mil demos in Pakistan. So they are some of the very few people who have seen gyros.

    So I have asked my brother Imran to join PRA 17 and take the kids to see some gyros.

    Would like to be friend you if its ok with you.

    Best Regards. Rehan
    Hi Mike

    My Aircraft is in Florida . I noticed one of my tyres was begining to have small cracks in the rubber

    The ones I am looking for are 15 x 6-00-6 are yours the same?

    Are the Tyres still for sale?

    I have a sparrowhawk, will they be suitable?

    I look forward to Hearing from you

    Kind Rgards Steve (Stram) Ramsey
    Hey Mike, Tom Patterson here. I'm not sure what I'm doing here so be patient. We talked about getting together here on the forum so I thought I would make contact. I have an ad in the classifieds for my Hirth engine but it didn't come out so well, My picture didn't print ??? and the price didn't come through - now it won't let me in to edit it. Well, at least the ad is there. Are you coming to the next meeting on the April18th? You did a great job on the PRA Chapter 17 logo - Thanks. I'll talk to you later.
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