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    Static Mast

    ....I see what you did there...very clever! hahaha -Mike
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    Looking for Training in Wisconsin

    Yep - I believe either Lakeshore Heli or Midwestern Heli at Kenosha is offering training in those goofy looking helicopters. Mike
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    Two Place Mosquito

    I was at Airventure Wednesday and did not see the Swift being displayed. In fact, I was surprised to only see only 2-3 XEL'S just sitting on advertising, no paper flyers, no salemanship (in my opinion). I know - they sell themselves! Hahaha, I guess in many regards they do!! -Mike
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    MZ202 Engine protoyped for the New Ultralight Butterfly

    I've exchanged a few emails in an attempt to get an electronic layout of the MZ202 in .dwg or .dxf for my heli project. To date I've only received broken promises. -Mike
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    SUCCESS!! First Flights Accomplished in Fetters New UAV Helicopter, the SVU200

    ...Rev A...Rev B...Rev C......hahahaha just kidding. Great work Dennis! -Mike
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    Helicycle Hatchery

    NACA 0012? -Mike
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    Sorry I don't have any info. Your best source would be Eagle R&D. Regards, Mike

    Sorry I don't have any info. Your best source would be Eagle R&D. Regards, Mike
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    Aluminum ?

    Based on those NOMINAL numbers, it should NOT fit using 1/16 (0.063") wall! 0.875-2*0.058=0.759 (allows 0.009" clearance on dia using 0.750 dia tube) 0.875-2*.063=0.749 (allows 0.001 interferance on dia using 0.750 dia tube) In addition to having nominal clearance for the parts to fit, this...
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    Aluminum ?

    As far as the "fit" is concerned...keep in mind that this material is Mill Stock, which depending on its shape and size, have a relatively large tolerance window. This window can be as much as .005" to .020" or even more! If the design does not take into account the tolerance window of the...
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    Millennium Helicopters

    ...right off Millennium's website: Millennium Helicopters News. We have some new deals in the works. Two of them are finalized. First will be the helicopter with the four stroke conversion which is the three cylinder 973 cm engine. Second we have...
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    Chickenhawk-by Robert Mason

    Based on recommendations on this forum, I purchased this book two weeks ago and just finished last week. Great Vietnam and heli stories! Amazing. -Mike
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    helicopter pilot David Martz's pilot's license has been pulled.

    ...that "bloke" looks like Tommy Lee; a drummer for the American rock band Mötley Crüe. -Mike
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    Deisel Helicopter

    Helipaddy- Hah! Finally got one right! ;-) Enjoy that pint, I doubt I'll be in your neighborhood anytime soon. Thanks anyway. ...sorry for the short, thread hijack... Regards, Mike
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    Deisel Helicopter

    Helipaddy - I'll take a stab at it... I think Frank had the tail turning away from the MR wash simply due to making the TR gearbox smaller and lighter. The opposite direction would put the gear on the other side of the pinion, probably needing a support bearing. The current design allows...
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    R22 Auto's at 0 airspeed & 200 foot hover

    Isn't a visible needle split an auto? If you don't pull power at the bottom and slide it in....does it matter if the engine is idling or at 70%? Just curious - I only fly RC...for now. -Mike