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  • we are now few & dispersed. The 2 seat manufacturers did a big "marketing job" just like "new labour"
    1. divorce yourself from history
    2. hide accident stats
    3. charge a price to pitch at a different market all together.
    4. get legislation changed to make it harder to train on a single seat
    call it all a new generation
    single seats were smeared in the press with phrases like "built by a crank in a shed and most likely to crash on it's first flight" were published in Pilot magazine by full time professionals who had the financial goal to do it. the crash mags reported the type as rotax9000 not autogyro. Every trick in the book.
    The new generation and they are nice and reliable but I hate the take off by numbers system. They are pitched as a x country cruise machine most from from runway to runway, which you can do at lower cost and more comfort in a microlight. leaves me feeling a little bitter and down trodden.
    I believe insurance will be the next issue
    Bonjour mike, avez vous toujours votre Magni M 18 ? ,j'en possede un depuis un an, et je vole en france, sur la cote normande.peut on echanger des informations,
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