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    Dominator plans

    He has no more plans period. He hasn’t had any printed in years. The plans were very old and out dated.
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    Dominator plans

    I have a career that I have been at for 21 years and have 8.5 years to get my pension. Not to mention the only way to make a small fortune in the gyro business is to start with a big one.
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    As seen from above

    One white one black. The black blade disappears to the eye. It will force you to look at it because it looks like you only have one blade. Dad had this years ago and fixed wing pilot got angry with him. He said it was very distracting dad said you saw me right then it did its job.
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    AeroMomentum Engines

    Not a Dominator. That was a Sport Copter Single with a Viking No a normally aspirated engine is going to suffer. The owner of these engines has mentioned they may be looking at putting a turbo on one of the engines. Dad has a turbo on his Viking. He is only boosting 4 pounds. He estimated he's...
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    AeroMomentum Engines

    Paddy it's going to be a single place with a 70" prop. Should be a rocket.
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    AeroMomentum Engines

    Dad is building one right now for Russ King. We went to their shop to pick the engine up. Very nice people and looks like it could be a great engine for the price. Only time will tell though.
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    Extruded Aluminum Blades

    Crap I misread that. Sorry guys.
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    October Flight Over St. Johns River Basin

    Joe you trust that engine way more than I would.
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    New Gyro

    Well I sent a message to the owner of Trixy and told him I thought it was dangerous and that I would not fly it or in it. I advised him that I think they are going to kill two people in that thing. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds but I had to say something.
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    Flash back to me flying at Mentone 2016

    Sorryit didn't work
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    That's unusual. I have seen a ball peen hammer go through Warp Drive and not damage that much.
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    Air Command 582

    Ok it's a good deal
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    Happy Birthday Mike Boyette!

    Thank you very much.
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    Happy Birthday David Morris!

    We share a birthday. Happy Birthday David.
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    Happy Birthday Mike Boyette!

    Thank you very much. I'm 45.