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  • Mike could you give me a call 518-321-5631 I used to have a single place dominator. got it at your dads back in 2004. please call me Thanks Dan
    Mike,,,,do you or your father know anything about a 5506 rotor head brg?
    I know that the replacement brg is a 5206,,,,But have a 5506 and it looks fine,,,,I was thinking on using it,,,,I got it from Robert Reeces's estate ,,,,it has metal seals on both top and bottom,,,,
    Hi Mike, I first saw you in 1980 at Bensen days. You was 9 years old. Your Dad was a carpet man. This friendly little kid was full of energy and seemed to know everybody.
    And all these 30 years later, including last Aug. Mentone, ALWAYS impressed with your positive attitude about everything and everybody.

    With all that going for you, you gotta be a top ambassador for VERIZON with a list of happy customers every day.
    Thanks for being MY FRIEND all these years...
    A couple of questions for you?
    Safe to assume you will be at the Bensen Days this coming April?
    I live in Southeast Idaho in what is called the high desert 5,800 feet above sea level and the mountains around me go to about 8,400 feet. The temp can hit as high as 99 in the summer with average day time temps of 85-90.

    I'm looking at your single place dominator. My questions are these:
    I weigh 220 what sort of engine would I need for this area and what size rotor would I need for this area?

    Thank you in advance for your time and answers. Have a wonderful Christmas

    Sincerely Yours
    Kjol Lahti
    Mike, Would you send me your mailing address? I need to send to you the minutes of our meeting at Wauchula.
    Thanks, Bud
    believe it or not an ultrawhite with a 503 will carry you it just won't be a screamer. A 582 would be great for you. My machine has a 532 ,earlier version of 582 same HP, used to carry two people at 200 lbs a piece. Give him a call 813-634-3370. As for the training issue like me you are going to have to loose weight. I know of no machine that is set up up to carry guys like us in the front. Ron awad carried me in the back but we could not put in me in front stick would not clear my gut. We would have been out of CG. Good luck
    Mike: I'm 66, weigh 300 lbs, have a ppl, but I can only fly sport pilot now (no medical). Which Dominator does your dad recommend that I purchase to get into gyroplanes, and where can I find a nearby instructor that can carry my weight? Everybody seems to be limiting their students to 250 lbs. Does your dad train at his place?
    Mike- I JUST now saw your message from MONTHS ago asking about Bensen Days. Sorry I didnt see it till now. I am coming down and will be there thursday morning early. John...aka ...AllIn is splitting a car and a room with me at Best Western. Stan
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