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    Troubleshooting Shake/Vibration

    Ben I'm glad you found my post in Greg's thread about slinging or stringing, I'd forgotten I'd written all that so it has saved me writing it again. There is another thread I wrote a few years back which gives a fairly in depth description of some of the balancing process but I think the...
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    electric clutches

    Looks like a Wagtail rotor, not sure who makes the pump and motor.
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    Rotor vibrations

    Xavier It's good to see you're experimenting. However you cannot simply compare vibration acceleration amplitudes at different frequencies across the spectrum without first converting them to velocity (it's the only use of the conversion). It's how I try to decide from these spectra if there...
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    Rotor vibrations

    Oskar This is why I try not to discuss vibration on social media. Xavier, Wolfy & Phil, to keep it simple IPS = 3600xg/rpm, but as I said earlier the result is pretty useless. Mike G
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    Rotor vibrations

    Wolfy The absolute values of vibration in g or IPS is pretty meaningless for this procedure because there are so many unknowns such as mounting quality, mounting position, accelerometer calibration, measurement direction, stick fixed/free etc etc. I propose this procedure simply as a cheap way...
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    Rotor vibrations

    Phil. I agree with Oskar. Good luck with your operation. Mike G
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    MTO Sport 2017 stick and body shake; bad!

    Glad you finally followed my advice. Abid was well trained ;) Mike G
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    Ultra Sport 555

    I've been asked to track and balance an Ultra Sport 555 helicopter and the owner has no manuals. An interesting challenge. Does anybody have any manuals or documentation on this helicopter that might help? Any information at all would be interesting. Mike G
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    MTO Sport 2017 stick and body shake; bad!

    Jetlag03 Ring me on zerosix sixeight fournine eightseven ninefive Mike G
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    MTO Sport 2017 stick and body shake; bad!

    If you have to ask the question here it suggests that you don't know anything about vibration analysis. That's nothing to be ashamed it's a pretty specialized field and very few people really know anything about vibration and gyro rotor track and balance. When I was a young engineer an old...
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    Vibration short seminar, rotor diagnostics and track and balance Lens France

    My colleague Jérôme and I were asked to visit Lens airfield (northern France) to give a short (1 hour) simple presentation for pilots (not engineers) on gyro vibration, causes and solutions. 7 guys attended and we followed up carrying out the vibration analysis of 3 their gyros (the 4th was...
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    They almost missed the flight of a lifetime.

    Vance thank you for your informative reply. Mike G
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    Wagtail Aviation

    I visited Wagtail last November and met Braam and Johan. These guys are thinking outside the box with some highly instrumented gyros. Johan was one of the very few gyro designers I've met (and I've met most of them) who really understood the vibration problems of our gyros. Mike G
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    They almost missed the flight of a lifetime.

    Vance, thank you for an interesting report, we don't get much first hand experience feedback about SportCopters. What do you mean by "The spindle head changed the feel of the cyclic " is there something new about this head? Mike G
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    A Local Flight

    A very local flight (testing my warning system in the fog). Mike G