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    Mike G
    I seldom log on to this forum anymore, it seems to have become Vance Breeze's personal opinion website and unless you're prepared to get into a post-length pi....ng contest with him there's no point in posting anything.
    Thanks for the article, I'd already seen it and even communicated with the author. It appears to be a nice student type study but somewhat confused.
    I've moved over to Facebook but that is a very frustrating site to use with multiple gyro groups all copying posts from each other. It's a pity this forum has died there were some interesting people on it and it tended to give us a central point for communicating.
    If you ever want to contact me try mikegoodrich1948 at gmail.com
    Hi Mike,

    c'est fortement domage que tu ne participe plus au forum. Tes contributions exceptionelles etait toujours une genereuse transmission de tes vastes connaissances et ca m'avait lesser esperer que nous pourrions peut'être etablir une commune dedicé a un discussion scientefique dans ce forum. Cette idee maintenant semble invraisemblable. Est ce'que tu fais des contributions allieurs maintenat?

    Bonne chance!

    Mike G
    Mike G
    Juergen Thanks for the message. I'm still working on gyros (recently consultant to AutoGyro and Magni) and if you want to discuss anything my email is [email protected]com.
    I have given up on the RWF and after my visit to Bensen days this year I'm about to give up on the USA gyro community, except for Abid and one or two others it's like being in the dark ages, nobody wants to hear about anything new
    Hi Mike,

    Many times I was looking to contact you to talk about vibrations.
    I am doing a project to reduce the 2 rev in my ELA, and to learn how to do it.
    This is project medium term, because in fact, I am manufacturing a three blades rotor head but will take too much, it will be a for long term project, I don’t like the two blade rotors.
    My idea is to test the 3 key factors and measure the influence of each one in the 2 rev. in a graphic manner. It will be a DOE ( design of experiments) exercise.
    -soft mast
    -undersling height.
    -in plane rotor rigidity.
    For the soft mast I cut the ELA mast and made a new one. The new mast is connected by silenblocks to the frame. I have two silenblocks types, on set in rubber and one set in aluminum ( no dampening at all).
    For the undersling I have a modified head that allow me change the undersling height in steps of 1 mm
    To increase the rotor in plane rigidity I will modified again my head to install some extra bracing.
    I hope to test and measure the influence of each factor in the 2 rev vibration value.
    Also, I want to test the vibration level in the rotor and in the seat.
    Once we have all the data I will share the conclusions in the forum.
    So this is the reason that I am looking for a good vibration meter device.

    Au revoir,

    Juan Manuel Arco
    Mike G
    Mike G
    I have a modified ela hub bar to measure the influence of undersling on 2/rev but haven't tested it yet due to engine problems.
    I am looking for a first generation ELA hub bar to test the in plane rotor rigidity theory of Chuck Beaty but haven't found one at a reasonable price yet. I am not convinced that this theory is applicable to our gyros. If the rotor was at resonance I would expect the vibration to be intolerable and it isn't. However I keep an open mind, like you I think the only way to find out is to experiment.
    The Calidus has a flexible mast and this hasn't reduced the 2/rev. You also have to be able to handle pre rotator torque.
    When you're ready to start testing let me know, if you can find a place for me to sleep and if I'm not busy I would like to take the measurements with you using the PB4.

    My email is
    [email protected]
    I don't often log on to the forum so don't read my messages.

    Mike, I didn't want to run out of room on my last message: Sources of 2-p-r shake are:
    friction in teeter bearing, axial play in teeter bearing or pitch pivot, looseness or resonance in cyclic control linkage. Teeter bolt should not be tightened like you would another gyro - it has combo bearings (thrust and axial) to eliminate axial play source of 2-p-r shake - that could be damaged if tightened too tight. First thing to do is be sure you are seeing 2-pr or 1-p-r shake - sometimes not apparent, but can be ID'd easy. If I can help, email - Greg
    Hi Mike,

    I don't respond on the forum any more - too much time and stress. But, I noticed your thread on 2-per-rev shake. I also noticed Chuck's comment about shake of your MAGNI rotor. I didn't see where you were talking about a Magni. Which Magni are you talking about? Magni rotors should ahve no shake - and 2-per rev shake is particularly abscent in Magni rotors. If it helps, see my article:
    Email me at [email protected] if I can help you resolve your problem. 2-per-rev shake has specific sources, and I would want to help resolve any rotor shake issues you might have that should be corrected.
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