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    Tào B

    I'm so sorry to hear of your misfortune, but relieved that you and your passenger survived the accident. I hope your recovery will be swift and not too uncomfortable. Rest easy, and take it one day at a time. Before you know it, you'll be under rotors again! Take care.

    Mike 15 March
    I met you at Mentone and El Mirage in 2012. I want to schedule a week of instruction with you. I have 3K fixed wing hours and received 3 hours gyro training at Mentone from Steve McGowan and Craig McPherson. I had been thinking of June and just noticed Rotors over the Rockies is penciled in for 7-9 June 2013.
    Would it work if I arrived Sunday 2 June and received duel from you Monday through Thursday? I could then stick around for Rotors over the rockies and depart Sunday 9 June. I live in Southern California and plan on driving to Utah.
    I am actively searching for a single place gyro to buy and Taddy Udala has been advising me and he suggest I receive more duel while searching.
    Russ Owens
    [email protected]
    Home 562 924 8186
    Cell 714 270 1654
    We are currently building a 914 turbo calidus. I am not sure we are going to do a full build thread. I wanted to do it but have had some personal issues to deal with. I was in Japan when the build started and then my mother died and I have been dealing with that. I will post some pictures soon. Not of japan or the funeral :)
    Mike, It's been a while since I have been on the site. My wife had an accident and it has taken a couple of years to get her back up to speed. I am still interested in getting my license some day and hopefully flying my own gyro. My question to you is if you think that it will be something that will be safe to fly as long as I get the proper training? I know that when Larry Neil saw it at the airport he sugested I move the tail back. I am looking at doing this and possibly adding a larger horizontal stab similar to the Sparrowhawk. I know you have flown a few different gyros and just wondered if you had some input into my gyro. I know a guy just crashed one in September of this year. Thanks Gary
    It is still a month or two away from being ready. Once the gyro is inspected I will still need to fly 40hours to be able to instruct in it.
    Greetings, How are things going as far as you getting a trainer built? I read that you were building one? I'm still trying to arrange to get some training close to home but no luck yet. Dave Overman says that he is making arrangements to train using Jim Vanek's trainer....I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I thought I'd drop you a note to see if there is anything opening up over your way.

    Later Jim L
    Yep, still around. Got mixed up with that Silver State group and started flying R22s for a little while... until they stole my money and ran that is. Still want to fly rotors, but funds are real tight. Want to stay involved though.
    I can relate...I was in the AV homeroom, where we set up the old 16mm projectors for films to be used in classes that day, ham radio club, computer club with an old PDP8L. My first basic program cranked out a cutting chart for wire HF dipoles by frequency.

    I had ADD before it had a name, graduated HS in the bottom third of my class, yet scored top percentile on the NY Regents exam to qualify for a full 4-yr scholarship at any state school. My Mom cried when I didn't use it. I've had a sprinkling of college classes over the years, but never got a degree. That may yet change!
    Yep! I thought it would be fun to run it for a while as an avatar. At my high school, only the rich kids got professional portraits done outside school. Most of us got notified in homeroom of the time to go get our photo snapped by the visiting photog at the school, and mine happened to be immediately after gym class. I didn't have time to get the tie right, but at least the black electrical tape blended in with my dark frames!
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