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  • Mcbirdman
    It's been a long time, but the final stages are here.
    You are one of the more established little wing class builders out there.
    You are one of few with the experience that I would ask.

    Muffler for the Yamaha 130FI with 2" header pipe on Little Wing 5 tractor ????

    I had a few bystanders yesterday during engine tests at the airport. Normally I'm wearing headsets or sound suppressors. The bystanders were not. They seem to think that the stock header configuration was pretty loud. I notice on the rotary Wing Forum you've had some discussions about mufflers, what was your final decision?

    In my particular configuration, the header pipe comes straight down through the lower cowl half, at a very slightly rearward angle. I would have to make a disconnect there, on the 2-inch pipe and continue down and rear with a 90 and muffler. The 90 and Muffler combination would have to be removable so that I could remove my lower cowl.

    Of course with any choice, size, streamline, weight and cost.

    Brad H N954BH Grass Valley, Northern California
    Hi Brad, Congratulations on your great progress. I haven't posted on here with the new forum it is hard to get around and seems less easy. I am not sure on the muffler because we havent finished the yamaha engine. I am trying to get a pole barn built so that I can resume the builds and hope to do so soon. I wish I was farther along on all this but life has got in the way. As always, you may feel free to call me anytime 517 627 6654. You may have to press a "1" TO bypass my message to leave one. I get spam calls a lot and especially if I see it from out of state....I sometimes let it ring through. So happy to see you getting so far ! Awesome !
    Hi Barry, If you read Little Wing Single place Michigan Thread you will see some stuff I posted that might be of interest. Also, I was one of the 3 Little Wing Booster group members which also had a thread of the build's progression. Third thread being used here lately is Booster questions where anything related to the build can be talked about. We kept the Booster build thread more of a log than a question area so we opened the ? thread.
    I wish I could tell you how it flies. So far it does but only about 12 feet in the air last year when Ron H. was there. it was exciting but read about the redrives and also pay attention to the yamaha genesis thread. That is what will be going on my two place machine.
    Hi james,

    Barry here, I live in New Zealand. I have a set of Ron's plans for thre little wing that I bought a few years ago. The timing is almost here to start on my littlewing, so was interested how your project was going. Any info on how it flys would be great.

    Regards Barry Winslade
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