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  • John, I have been reading about a material called graphene which is touted to be 100 times stronger than steel. If this stuff is commercially available this would make a great improvement to blade strength. I'll continue to gather information and keep you in the loop.
    Gotta have them by 11th - at our place or Larry's ... Only time Desmon is avaialable in July is 12-14 - so looks like that is our trip to Bridgeport for training & testing TGB with new rotors...... other wise we are on our own & you know that will not go well!!!

    Pull out all the stops & express deliver --- get 'er done!!!
    Hi Jon-
    Do you happen to know when you guys will be shipping our new rotor ?

    Chris (for Jim)
    Hey Jon, I was able to work a Dr. Appt in conjuction with the weekend of April 14. This means (weather premitting) I will get to take my first Gyro ride. Yeah!!!!! Is it possible for you to take me up? Looking forward to seeing you again. Terry Lee I wasn't able to come see you guys yesterday due to a late start getting outta Astoria. It poored on us the whole way back to Rogue River..Cheers
    Greetings Master Roda, I'm hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had tried to call you on the Wednesday prior, but clearly understood you were busy, especially with a holiday pressing. I will try again in the near future. Advent blessings, --dan
    Jon, I've been working on a rotor head that uses a 3 blade setup. I'm trying to make this one small than the one before and I'll still use the polypropylene hinges. Also I'll use the Aerobalsa blades on this one....I'll send you a picture when I have something to show. joe

    I take great interest in wooden rotor blades. Do you sell the Jim Vanek plans and how much would they be?
    Or is the number in your reply the one of Jim Vanek (if so, do you have an e-mail address as well)?


    Jon the first question is for your and the second for Evan (I do not have his Email).

    The other day I spun my rotors up for the first time since I bought the Vortex from Mary Stuart in February of the this year. Concerning the setting the rotor assembly on the head...I place the 'A' blade on the head so that the 'A' was on the side of the head marked 'X'. I assume that is so that you can mount the rotor blades on the head the same each time? Enlighten me Master Yoda!

    Question for Evan:
    Concerning the drive wheel shaft bearings; they have a 6201 2RS the side shield. Normally that is 32mm OD -12mm ID and 10mm wide. But bearing in my Vortex is designated 6201 2RS but have a 12.7mm ID or 1/2"! Do you guys have those specially ground out from 12mm to 12.7mm (1/2 inch)?

    Later Jim
    Hey Jon
    My boy Hunter and I picked up a .45 cal. black powder derringer pistol like the one Lincoln was shot with . That was fun shooting . It is now the most inaccurate gun I own . Six inch group at 10 feet . We had fun with it .
    Hi jon i have slowed down with my self Training. I would like to get some lessons from you.
    Thanks Jon for your input.
    Thanks Mark Marlow 509-670-1446
    Greetings Jon,
    I was out to your facility last year and you gave me a tour of your plant. I am the maintenance electrician that took particular interest in your automated oven that you built. Great work. I'm toying with the idea of taking some gyro lessons. Didn't you say that you had an instructor there at Sports Copter? Do you have the contact info? Thanks.

    My email is [email protected]
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