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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . He does that all the time .... posts something then deletes it. Must be tortured with some internal conflicts or something.
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . Two days ago I came across the best article about this virus .... the author (researcher) has no bias and has done a good job ..... it is a long article so make a pot of coffee (its worth the read) QUOTE: Full article: Origin of Covid — Following the Clues | by Nicholas Wade | May, 2021 |...
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . Propaganda has been around for a long time Only thing different today is we have the internet which spreads it like crazy. This is from a 1930's newspaper .
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . Exactly right Biggest problem is that we have so many folks who are fat and happy and unhealthy and vulnerable. Couple weeks ago I was concerned when a 13 year old boy died from the virus ..... did some digging and turns out he was about 300 lbs .... his picture was like a blimp on the...
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . gyrojeffro .... first of all , I am not against you , or anything you want to believe. But I will ask you .... what echo chamber do you listen to ?? Qanon ? ... Alex Jones ? ... Nutbar conspiracy ? More lies come from those groups than anyone else. (To their shame) So I recommend you...
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    Information on Wilford rigid-rotor autogyro seems to have vanished

    Gyroplane rotor head with delta-3 angle | Rotary Wing Forum ( Wilford Gyroplane Rotor System | Rotary Wing Forum ( Rotorhead design | Rotary Wing Forum (
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    Starting a conversation

    Not sure what you mean by "conversation" .... to me all our forum posts are "conversations" Plenty of Aviomania threads already on this forum ... maybe your questions are already answered Or start a new Aviomania thread to your liking. From what I can tell , they are a highly rated machine...
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    . Nothing political about an illness. Sure , our governments give confusing advice but even the medical establishment is confused about this new strain. So we try to sort it out ourselves as best we can I do not plan on getting the vaccine but it has nothing to do with politics.
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    a breath of fact in a forest of dellusion.

    Tell that to Ted Nugent (from the article) Rocker Ted Nugent is revealing he was in agony after testing positive for coronavirus — months after he said the virus was “not a real pandemic.” "I thought I was dying," Nugent says in a Facebook live video posted Monday. “I literally could hardly...
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    Brave New World

    Yesterday I was on a 2 lane highway and from the other direction comes a single wheel unicycle type electric "thing" going about 30mph Rider was perched on the seat and looked relaxed as hell. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it.
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    The new gyro

    In the 1980's a farmer won a million dollar lottery ... in a TV interview they asked him what he was going to do with it .... "keep farming until it's all gone" he replied
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    Fusioncopter Nano Ultralight Gyroplane USA Distributor

    . I was wondering if the fusioncopter twin engine twin rotor ever flew and is it being manufactured ? thanks .
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    R44 Emergency Autorotation for Real.

    I speculated earlier that the R44 MAG switch may have had a faulty or intermittent ground circuit. I also mentioned painted surfaces prevent a good contact . So with that in mind I found a similar situation recently .... (some) Boeing 737 MAX grounded again ... they have narrowed it down to...
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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    . Is that the Kermit featured on a build thread a few years ago ?? ... it was green with a frog painted on it . I really liked it , but then everything went silent ..... wondering why change the Yamaha ... I thought they were highly regarded .... thanks.
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    the Martian helicopter

    I am so far ahead of everyone I am in lala land ... haaa .... NASA read my error and scrubbed everything until Wednesday.