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  • Hi my friends, My buddy Carl Rinker from Wenatchee Wa. got interested in Gyrocopters back in 2010 went with me to El mirage 2011 for the Ken Brock Freedom flyin, Carl had Purchased a Bensen B8m that had taken a hard landing in early 2011 with hope of fixing her back up to flying condition. Last year carl was forced to sell his house and asked me to keep his gyro at my place :wave: well since then carl has developed cancer and has had several surgeries and is going through chemo therapy.
    when ever Carl comes by he askes to see his gyro :sad: I have decided to try to fix her up for Carl as a surprise :D I have purchased a pusher prop and a replacement 2in axel tube but I need some :help: if anyone can :help: I need 1 wheel with axel & 2 small aluminum blocks that hold the axle also a 5gallon seat tank :angel: if anyone can help with these parts please call mark marlow at 509-670-1446
    Hi Mark,
    maybe cou can help me. I just got a Bensen quite similar to yours to build it up... but I do not get any papers or manteneance manuals... do you know anybody who could help me with this?

    Thanks a lot in advance

    hey mark talked with sport copter and they are providing instruction but their two place instructor gyro is apart for rebuild right now they are suppose to email me when they get it back in the air
    all the best john
    I designed a electronic ign, that goes on Mac 72-90 eng, and the one on my Mac 90 runs with NO shut off's at all. The Mag that I had on it, didn't work so well. It kept on sutting off, so I built a better one and I am in the process of patten pending on it. Pretty cool isn't it? We Mac owners must improve our engines in order to survive the sky. I don't want to crash when my points in my Mag quit firing. SO tell me if U are interested in this. OK ? I have pictures of this on my engine and web page. Thanks and keep on flying.
    My B8-M has a Mac 90 and Rick Whittridge's electronic ignition. I'm just now flying the length of the runway, just off the ground. Getting a feel for the stick - it's real sensitive. Soon as I can keep her level for the length of the runway, I'll work on S-turns, as shown in Ken Brock's 2nd instructional video. I've read Marion Springer's crow-hop lesson about 5 times now - and learn something new every time. My instructor is Ed Newbold, here in central Ohio
    Hi Mark, I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner. Sue and I went to Alaska for 12 days. I like David as an instructor, but he's been unavailable for training since last fall, I don't know if it's personal, I thought we got along great while training, maybe I spooked him or something. Anyway I would recommend him if he's available. Russ
    I know my picture looks HOT, that is what my wife looked like when I married her. NOW ????????? Some what, older. ha ha.
    I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating the OLD TYPE 4" brake drum style with a 1" hole and no ball bearings in it. It bolts together with 5 bolts. It is a 8" rim. If anyone has one for sale or just get an up grade, then I would like too have it. Thanks.
    I am restoring a Mac 90 hp and I have removed the Mag neto from it and replaced it with my own design of a electronic unit which WORKS WELL. I have 350.00 into the parts, not bad hu? The New Electronic Ing, is easy too install and it will be available from me, soon (with in) 1 wk., if anyone is interested in converting theirs over. I am up for suggestion on the final price, so let me know what do U all think about it. I was thinking about a 2 year warranty on all electronic. I am also building an electric start. I'm sure someone has built it already, so let me know who. Thanks.
    I have a 1980 Bensen B8M with super mac 90 looks allot like yours havn't flown it yet no training around here. I hope to taxi it up at the airport this spring. tired of winter. Well have a great weekend.
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