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  • Thanks Marc for the friend request!! Have a Blessed day my friend!!!!! Oh can you email me any info on that mac engine!!! I bought that Bensen from James and Victor Sunday!!!
    Hello Mark, I am curious about the ignition system shown of the Bensen pictures back in 2010. The ones in your album that show some type of 2 plug coil and CDI box--maybe. Can you tell me anything about it. Who made it or how to make it, etc?
    thanks, J. Fagan
    Dear Mark,
    I just got old Bensen without any papers, rebuild in Europa with an 582 Rotax and now read in the forum, that you own plans from it... For checking the structure specially of the blades and checking e.g. the torques of all srews from the rotorhead these plans and all details would be absolutely helpfull... specially for the registration procedure here in Europa I need some papers to refer on... Can you help me?

    This would super!

    Thanks a lot in advanve

    hi mate ,im bob and if you like you can add me
    im (mechanical engineer) and want to made a personal helicopter like mosquito but i dont have compelet,exact plane ..
    i started with studing on furi plan but i im not sure about it so if i had another plane like a/w95 or mosq...
    my email:[email protected]
    did you locate the wunderlich prerotator info you were seeking last year? I have access to a new one with papers. I am looking at buying a b8m with new engine and prop and rotator(new in box) with a 8x used b8m glider- with all the stuff to make it fly powered.
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